Dogs snared in wildlife traps
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Dogs snared in wildlife traps

Today I received a phone call about a mother dog with pups which was left tied up to a tree three days ago.

When I went to investigate I found indeed a mother dog but not tied up but snared up. She had walked into a wildlife snare and was almost dead. She got stuck in the snare so much that she had to stand on her hint legs which due to exhaustion had given way.

Thankfully International Animal Rescue came immediately once I informed them about the horrible situation.

While waiting for them, together with the local people who alerted us, we looked if we could find the pups but instead found another female dog also snared up. With her the snare was cutting through her belly but it looked in a little better state.

The guys from International Animal Rescue expertly manage the uncut both dogs which was not easy as the snares were made from hardened steel and were embedded deep into the dog's skin.

These snares which were baited with chicken were set quite deep in the jungle and have been set up to catch wildlife.
We never found the pups, they may have died. We did find another 8 snares and there are probably more.

Over the past few years I have found snares several times but these were the most professionally made and set which may indicate a more professional approach to kill of the last remaining wildlife just for some money.

I have attached only one photo but if you wish to see more please visit:
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The time will come when men will look upon the murder of animals as they look upon the murder of men.

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what a pity it is, really. May God bless them with some mind and other wiser ways to make money and not by committing such sins.

I don't know know if Indian Government has laid down some strict rules/laws for the same and not the loopy ones.:mad:

God Bless you Birds.[praiseyou
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Sending you yet more awful evidence that these wildlife traps are indeed widespread, this poor sole was brought in yesterday from the Camolim area.

This dog was in great condition prior to being snared so probably has a home of sorts but now he'll be lucky to survive.
If he does, he will probably have had his leg amputated as the wire was so very deep embedded.

One of the two black dogs we removed from the snares earlier from had to be euthanised as her injuries were too severe.
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The time will come when men will look upon the murder of animals as they look upon the murder of men.
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I don't understand how people can do this, in the mornings they go to the temples, pray to God to do this, to make this happen for them, to be good humans BUT in real they are the BEASTS and greedy for money:mad:

May God Bless them with mind.

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