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Zachary Sep 8th, 2013 04:11

Bringing my cat with me to Delhi, questions with new laws
I will be moving to Delhi in October and wanted to bring my feline friend with me. I myself will be going on a tourist visa but my girlfriend has a 3 year work contract so she will be bringing the cat for all intensive purposes. I have some questions that I'am having a hard time getting answers to and was hoping someone here might have current information.

Transfer of residency - Where do we apply or obtain this form/certificate? I understand with the new law this is a requirement but cannot find out where or whom we get it from.

NOC - If we bring him with us on the flight do we still need to have someone in Delhi apply for this form ahead of time? I have talked with a pet relocation service but they want $800 upfront and I would prefer to do as much of this myself and save the money.

Veterinary Certificate endorsement by the USDA - Is this a form I can print out and have my vet fill out or is it something the vet should provide?

Rabies vaccination certificate - Is this just something your vet prints out with the animals name that says he is current? Or is there a official form?

Would buying this package be useful?

Thanks for any input you might have.

torontomm Sep 8th, 2013 08:41

Cats are not considered cuddly pets in India and for most people in India cats are wild animals and your cat will have a tough time dealing with other wild street cats and stray street dogs (unless you are planning to keep your cat locked inside the house all the time).

Just not a good idea to put your cat through all the travel and to move to a new hostile territory.

adam00121 Sep 8th, 2013 11:01

For transfer of residency, check this site.

I am hoping you can find your answers in the old thread or the other pet related news site

adam00121 Sep 8th, 2013 11:02

And please make sure you cat will be comfortable in the indian weather conditions. You can get historical Delhi temperatures by searching the web.

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