All About Guinea Pigs- In India

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It was important to mention 'in India' since Guinea pig owners/ aspiring owners would know all the problems we face in India if we have Guinea Pigs as pets. Listing some of the issues you will face and some options and alternatives you can explore to rid yourself of the problems and give your Guinea Pigs a beautiful, healthy and happy life.

Problem #1: Guinea pig cages: Am sure most of you must have searched all pet stores for Guinea pig cages and all you would have been shown would be bird cages or extremely small wooden boxes(not even apt for keeping hamsters). I too faced this problem when i got home my Guinea pigs (got them in a 2ft X 2ft bird cage ) this restricted their playtime and got dirty very often. Also the base was not one solid piece but made of grids which are a strict 'no no' for any kind of animals. this may lead to foot sores. Since bigger and specifically Guinea Pig cages are NOT available in India, what i did was, i built them a 6ft X 3ft X 1ft cage using plywood. This ensured plenty of space for moving and running around, plus, the cage did not get too dirty (Pictures to be posted on request)

Problem #2: Guinea Pig Bedding: Though some may argue, but please DO NOT, NEVER use wood shavings as bedding for your cavies. I would recommend using hay as bedding(which of course is difficult to find in India- please do not confuse hay with straw). As an alternative, i use fleece and towels and newspaper as bedding and sometimes the normal grass that grows in my lawn. Grass is a good option as it is something that they can eat as well.

Problem #3: Guinea Pig Chew toys: These are very important for any rodents that you have as pets. Guinea pigs/ hamster teeth constantly grow and hence they need chew toys/ hay to keep them in control. Both of these are difficult to find in India. As an alternative, i give my pigs fresh grass and wood blocks (colored with edible paint). You can also give them ink-free paper to chew or tree bark; however please ensure that the wood is clean and does not have any fungal growth in it.

Problem #4: Specialized Vets: This is one problem that i also have not been able to solve. It is sad that we still do not have specialized vets in this massive country. What i suggest is that you go through articles on the internet to understand what may be wrong with your pig. However please do not give them medicines without being 100% sure. A lot of medicines(penicillin etc) are toxic to them. Check their weight and eating habits regularly. If there is a sudden change in these, you may be in trouble...

Please feel free to comment, ask queries. I would be glad to help!
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Hi cavyqueen
First of all welcome to IM. I had guinea pig as pet wayback in 1989. Since i live in a very small place, i had no idea about special cazes and vets etc. for my guinea pigs. So i used a small wooden basket to keep them. I used to spread grass in the basket, which was their fodder as well as bed. But later their nos. Multiplied in geometric progression and a few of them were eaten by neighbour's cats. So ultimately i had to donate them to local zoo.
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Teeth problem

Hey I live in Nagpur, India. I had two guinea pigs out of which I lost one last year due to bladder stones and no proper Vet available here who can perform any surguries. Now my another guinea pig is suffering from overgrown molar teeth. But I am unable to find a reliable Vet here. Can anyone suggest me some idea what to do? Does anyone knows a good Vet for exotic animals in Nagpur.
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Welcome to IM and condolences.

Have you searched for nagpur veterinarian?

Or check out:

Dr Somanath Chavhan


Dog & Animal Care Centre
by 2 users
Address: Shri Ganesh Apartments, Shop #G-12, Dharam Peth, Nagpur - 440010
Dr Salpekar Manoj Clinic
Be the first to review
Address: Wardha Road, Khamla Road, Nagpur - 440022
Ideally you should post in THIS THREAD
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One more veteran. But, their lifespan is so short and my spouse so easily in mourning..
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Thanku but I have been to Dog and Animal Care Center , Dharampeth . They are good but for dogs not guinea pig. I had two guinea pig out of which one died few months back that time I was consulting at same place but they too reffered the dog's medicine for guinea pig.

Is there any other vet?
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hey.. i have a guinea pig and i want to make a big house for her... can you tell me how can i make one like you did with plywood... and also can you show me the pictures of your guinea pig house.. i would be thankful ...
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Hay can generally be obtained from horse stables, if you go an ask, I am sure you can buy some from them.

Newspaper is not suitable bedding for hamsters, or cloth. They will carry things around to make homes and dens more comfortable; the ink from newspapers is toxic to them, and if they ingest string from the cloth they can do a lot of internal damage.

Shavings, so long as they are correctly treated and not pine, should be fine for any rodents.

I would not suggest making a home out of wood, they like to chew things to keep their teeth down (they constantly grow unlike human teeth) and will also chew out of boredome.

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