Jacket, one year trip India/Nepal/SE Asia

#1 Dec 23rd, 2015, 18:36
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Dec 2015
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Hello all!

I'm going on a one year trip to India, Nepal, SE Asia. I will spend 2 months in the mountains (1 month North India and 1 month Nepal). 10 months i will spend in a hot region.

Is it possible/easy to rent a jacket for the cold when I'm in the mountains? What do you advise what i should do; either buy a jacket before i leave or rent it?
#2 Dec 23rd, 2015, 19:49
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Dec 2015
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One option, if you are "OK" with it, is to buy a second hand one when you need it. That's what I usually do since it allows me to pack light, and they are fairly cheap to buy and at the end I give it to a homeless person when I am done with it. Of course your YMMV at finding the one you need, but this last trip I found a great one in Leh and bargained it down to Rs 300 which was a great price.

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