How to secure a drawstring backpack??

#1 Jan 31st, 2015, 21:12
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Hi Guys,

I have a peculiar problem with my drawstring rucksack which I love to death. I am looking for ideas to secure my drawstring rucksack from theft/someone slipping contraband into it as there is no way to lock unlike a zipper, while I'm not guarding it. This problem will especially crop up when the bag has been checked-in with my luggage at the airport or at hostels.

I did a preliminary search on the net and came across Exomesh, but I'm unable to find one in Delhi. Others say to wrap it with plastic which would deter the thief to tamper with but not steal.

Does anybody have novel ideas about this???..I fly out in Feb...

#2 Jan 31st, 2015, 23:03
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Use a (thin) chain instead of the drawstring, and an accordingly small padlock to secure it.
Or get a bag with a zipper thats big enough to put your backback inside. The material should be lightweight but sturdy. I got one big tough plastik bag with a zipper for this purpose.
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I'll side with Hembrom. Buy or have made a secondary bag to enclose the first. Many outdoor companies make these now, primarily as protection during flights for the main pack and their (sometimes) multiple straps. Many of these have backpack-like straps, others are more duffle bag style.
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I would say always guard your bag, especially before a flight my friend.

It you leave things unguarded one can expect them to be stolen.

The chain idea wounds good in place of the drawstring. If you was sitting at a cafe of beach this could easily be chained to a unmovable object to save having it snatched or stolen while you was looking away.
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I love mine for many reasons, not only for security: secures the straps of my backpack during flight (many airlines require your backpack to be wrapped up before checkin), keeps my backpack dry and clean, can store my backpack in the railways cloakrooms where it has to be locked.
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This post has to be a wind up, somebody asking how to close a bag?
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How to close a bag? My drawstring broke, so I tie with with a shoelace. With security of the bag, the best option (most secure) is a net-like product sold which sort of locks the entire backpack in a protective net. I dont have this, so don't know how practical it is. On a train, I simply wrap a 3 foot chain with a lock around the backpack. It wont stop someone from opening it, but it keeps people from moving it.

Never had a theft problem.

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