How do you pack for both north and south

#1 May 6th, 2015, 19:45
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When I went to India before I only went to the south and it was hot. This time I will be going to the mountains before heading south. So I'm going to need cold weather gear as well as stuff for when it's hot. How do I solve that dilemma? What do people generally do in this situation? How do they pack I mean?

I thought of maybe just taking hot stuff with me (I'm flying into Delhi before heading north) and posting my cold stuff to a hotel or post office in Leh ahead of me. It would mean being freezing for a while though before I got it.

Anyway, is that a recognised method of solving this problem? If not, what do people do?
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Layers. When I'm in the north, I just wear more of what I packed for the south. So I'll put on three t-shirts and a shirt. Makes sense not least because wearing multiple layers is best for when you're in a cold climate anyway. Might tho be worth packing one of those thin but very warm thermal tops. Oh, and a lightweight waterproof jacket takes up very little space.

If you're going any time soon, the north shouldn't be that cold anyway.
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I'm confused: you say you are going to mountains before heading south - so you need warm clothes first, and then you don't want to drag them with you when you go to South, right?

If I am going trekking or something and then having time in warmer places, I take the opportunity to take old-ish warm clothes and donate them to porters or hotel staff when I am about to head South.
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It depends on how much gear you want to have. If you are planning on doing some trekking, you will need considerably more gear and higher quality gear.

I like to travel without a lot of luggage, so I recommend wearing clothes for Delhi, and purchasing what you need as you move through different climates. In towns near military posts you can find shops with decent base layers. You will also find temporary stalls set up to sell jackets and other warm weather gear. I found a used down jacket, sold by weight, at 340 INR per kilo.
Footwear will be your biggest hurdle, because if you plan to trek hard, you need a pair of boots that are broken in. As suggested above, just give away the clothes as you transition to warmer climates. This will be a lot easier if you didn't spend a lot of money in the first place. If you won't be trekking, just bring an old pair of shoes you can leave behind, and purchase some durable PU sandals for 200 INR.
Socks are hit or miss. I suggest spending a lot of money and bring one good pair of heavyweight hiker wool socks. A good pair will cost $18, but will last through your trip.

This is my method. Not so much about saving money, but rather traveling light. It also changes the way some people treat you when they see you are wearing the locally available clothing.

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