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My mum and I will be going to a wedding in India in a few weeks, and it's likely that we will be staying with the groom's family for about four days. We would like to take them a gift to say thank you.

We were thinking of a selection of small items such as sweets, souvenirs, snacks etc., from where we live (size is a consideration as we're just taking rucksacks with us); however, I was wondering if there's anything that is traditionally given as a thank you gift and if so, should we give that instead? Or do you think it's more personal and interesting to take presents from the UK?

Additionally, we're feeling a bit stuck about what wedding present to take for the couple! We've looked at some locally made decorative pottery, which is the kind of thing we would give at a British wedding.

The groom is Indian and from a Hindu family, but he is well-travelled and his wife is Australian so I don't think a more western-style gift would be an issue ... but again I would first like to check if there's anything more traditional we should consider. For example, when I lived in Japan it was expected that wedding guests would give envelopes containing money, and turning up with a physical present would be seen as something of a faux pas, regardless of your cultural background.
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In an indian wedding anything goes as a gift. The more exotic and expensive (if not in reality, in appearance will do). Envelopes of cash are are fine too but something from another country would be even more memorable. The idea usually is to give something befitting the hospitality extended.

The only gift you should avoid is something bought locally (from where the wedding is) as that wont really look great.

All this is true for north indian weddings. South Indian weddings are a lot simpler as are east indian weddings. Someone else should be able to comment better on that if the wedding you're attending is not in the north.
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Thank you for your quick response! I suppose taking some presents over from the UK will be a good idea, then.

Oh, and the wedding is in Delhi.
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Rs.101 will do nicely

Perhaps... a set of six cups and saucers is the Indian equivalent of a casserole in UK! But cheaper!

I guess I'd better not go to any Northern weddings: here, in the South, unless it really is a dear and close friend (with known tastes), we seem to make a study of the symbolic gift!

ambermarie, are you set on the rucksacks? Remember, you are paying the airlines for your luggage allowance, whether you use it or not.

I see you are in Japan: you could do the Japanese take on tableware or decoration, and bring something really beautiful. Although I've no idea if that is financially feasible? But something Japanese is going to be different from something either Indian or western. That would be my choice. Japanese tableware, or decoration; china, pottery or wood.

Oh. and... You are going to wear a sari for the wedding, yes?
Life gets aadhar every day.

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