Backpack to Himachal Pradesh & Uttrakhand
Rita Chowdhury
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Backpack to Himachal Pradesh & Uttrakhand

I am planning to backpack and have shortlisted HP & UK for my 15 day trip. Can any one recommend which all location to visit except basic tourist places. Also how can i do a budget trip?


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| Hati Hati
HP and UK - that is a very broad scope :)
which parts of HP attracts you?

Which parts of UK attracts you?

If you are backpacking then I assume you will be using public transport only. In that case 15 days is good for one state only - that too parts of it.
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Thank you for the response Nayan :)
Yes, Spiti, Dharmshala, Chitkul, Kasol etc etc and i can definitely extend.
| Hati Hati
So its HP?
Which month? (because certain routes are not open till end may or june).
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This month by 22nd i am planning, also that the reason i have picked 2 cities.
| Hati Hati
Are you very used to cold weather(and roughing it out)? otherwise I would drop Spiti. Spiti will be snowbound with (almost)no accommodation.
Even kinnaur(kalpa, sangla, chikul) will have very limited accommodation before april.
| Humble Genius
It is snowing as low as Shimla, as recently as day before yesterday. Check weather reports before you go. For some idea of Kinnaur have a look at my report in signature. I went by public bus and it was a low budget trip. Should give you some idea.
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Nayan- Well i am ok with cold climate but need to check on stay before i start my travel

Vaibhav- Thank you, i will surely check. I assume by end of Feb it should be better to travel.


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