Low cost low impact building -- mud, bamboo etc for Uttarakhand

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Hi all,
my niece and I are helping a small farm in Uttarakhand. The place is about an hours trek away from the main road and has no electric connections. We are researching architecture models for them that would be easy to build there without too much heavy stuff being carted up on the mules.

If you have examples of mud, or bamboo or any other low cost low impact architecture that would work for the hills of Uttarakhand, could you send us links, pictures as we continue to ideate over what is best for the farm.
Someone spoke to Didi Contractors team but they are busy for two years and the accommodation at the Himalayan Farm Project needs to build now as volunteers and guests will be there from October onwards.
Any ideas, pointers, suggestions will be most useful.
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Reach out to the folks @ WonderGrass India - their entire initiative is centred around Bamboo and using it in low cost housing. I met the founder ages (~1995) ago .... but he hasnt lost his focus and is continuing to work in the same area even now. A challenge is, they're based in Bangalore. But would be worth a shout am sure. http://wondergrass.blogspot.com/
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That is not so difficult. Every village have craftsman that have been making mud/stone houses since ages. Just check around. Bamboo is not available locally so it will be expensive.
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Vaibahav thanks for the Wondergrass link -- I will contact them to see if they are doing any work up North too/
Le Marche, the main man at the farm has already been to the Earth Institute at auroville to look into building with rammed earth. I dont know what happened after that. The link to Earthship Karuna sounds most promising but refuses to open. But we will keep trying. Thanks.
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Bamboo Housing

Hi, I am interested in building a low cost low impact all weather house on my plot of land in Khabrar Bhowali - Mukhteswar Road Utranchal. Cooksisters did you progress on your initiative. Jituyadav, there is an equivalent of the saying Shipping Coal to Newcastle in Hindi that says Ulte Baas Barali. Barali is in the foothills of the Kumaon hills so as the saying goes there should be an abundant supply of Bamboo in the area.
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Smile mud architects

If you want just DIY projects then I suppose the volunteers at the farm will just have to do what they feel best. Anyone who travels from outside Uttarakhand will expect to be paid for their time and effort and its only fair for them to be paid decently.

If you are open to the idea of paying someone to design a few buildings then you can contact the following architects and also have a look at their websites:

1) Nripal Adhikary, Abari, Kathmandu & New Delhi
Mob: 09716335676 (in Delhi)

2)Eugene Pandala
Mob: 09447070610
Ph: (0474)2701610 (O)

But as I said, funds are needed if you wish to take the help of someone professional. You can ask these architects how much they charge. No harm in asking for sure. Good luck!
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