Delhi-Kasol-Mcleodganj-Delhi......and ofcourse the unsparing snowfall!!

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Feb 2014
The morning greeted us with lashing rains. To our luck, we always have the rains trailing us whenever we are out so no surprise . So 6:45AM is when we start out our journey from Delhi in the brand new YETI(just about a month old....and the love of his life since around 2 years)......Attached is the picture of the rugged look of rugged yet so beautiful and strong....Name:  IMG_0307.jpg
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We made our way through the ambala bypass and post taking the right towards Bilaspur from the highway, we were on the most bumpy road ever till Bilaspur. To add to the trauma, tons and tons of trucks are lined up on the road and gets very difficult to drive past them. Thanks to YETI with a great pickup, we could manage to overtake most of the trucks and keep our pace.
Just after Bilaspur, there is a restraunt on the left side called some "view", sorry don't remember it exactly.... It has amazing views of the Govindsagar lake.. Attached is how it looked in the haze[ATTACH]Name:  IMG_0310.jpg
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Size:  42.1 KB[/ATTACH]...Huge and beautiful...It has small temples submerged in it.....
We were there in Mandi by about 6pm....The road from about 2-3kms before Mandi has all the Motor showrooms in a row.....We kept looking for SKODA and were disappointed as all other showrooms except for SKODA were there.
Post Mandi, there is a 2km long tunnel which one has to drive through.. It is a smooth road and well litup...but, its a tunnel, scary .
The rain had thickened by the time we started going upwards from Bhuntar towards Kasol. That's when the terror of our lives started. We were able to see rain in front of us but strangely none of it was lashing on the mirror on the dashboard which was strange, and it was freakishly thick. I tried to put my hand out of the window to feel and see what it was, I could not figure it out at all. It was probably something between a water droplet and a snow flake. We ultimately stopped at a petrol Pump to figure out what it actually was. That's when we had just started snowing....Wow! God now wanted us to experience snowfall live! It was the first time for both of us to see a snowfall fresh and live..Attached is the initial picture of the snowfall.Name:  IMG_0311.jpg
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nevertheless, with brave hearts we decided to continue the stretch which was about approximately 15kms to go. It was fine as we started, but we soon started to have problems on the climbs..The YETI just wouldn't go, it would stop and do a skid dance till ultimate race was given to it on a first gear and then it would move. We would be like thank God, it moved. Finally, 4kms more to go, you can do it, common, 3 kms to go, 1km to go, and finally, we are here. hallelujah! Praise God! We did it. It was sooooo cold and continuous snow fall.....
We woke up the next morning and could not believe what we saw. The snowfall had continued all night long and was still snowing. Attached is the picture.Name:  IMG_0313.jpg
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Beautiful, breath-taking, but scary as well. All the buses etc had stop commuting and we felt we were stuck up. As we got close to around 11 AM, a few small local cars started to go to and fro Manikaran hence crossed our hotel, but we did not know if they were coming from Bhuntar or from somewhere down. The doubt was the roads could have been blocked due to snow. Soon two more couples from our hotel checked out, one was SX4 and another was Santro. We mustered courage seeing that. Surely YETI was not going to disappoint us. We too checked out because if we had waited for the snow to stop we would have to be stuck for another 2-3 days, that was painful especially because we could not even get out of the hotel in the snow, we were grounded. So, we finally left. Here is how the YETI looked on the road.Name:  IMG_0322.jpg
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Now I know why it has been his love for sometime now, anybody would fall in love with it seeing it like this
Anyways, we started our journey to Mcelod. We had heard it was snowing there as well, but not as much, and at that point, getting out of Kasol was like our target.
We moved at a speed of 10-20kms/hr, we did face problems in between as the YETI would just refuse to climb at times. But again with the race and the first gear trick, it would manage to go. However, there came one place, where there were 3-4 other vehicles stuck as well, and the vehicles just couldn't climb. There was a police station at that point. The local drivers tried their luck too, but the vehicles just couldn't move. We sat there waiting for some miracle to happen for about an hour. I was freezing at that point. I don't know out of fear or out of cold. But I felt I was going to faint. That's when we heard the warm news. A bulldozer was coming to shove it off because the DC was on his way. Wow! I have never been happier seeing the big bulldozer. It is a amazing thing watching it shove off the snow btw... It keeps skidding, yet its so heavy and just shoves off the snow like that.
Anyway, we were finally able to move from that deadly point and started going, we still had 10kms of the snowy road to go. We went slow, slow slow. FInally, the snow started phasing away, first it started thinning on the roads, then we could only see it on the side of the roads and then we reached Bhuntar. Wow, my breath came back. I was able to breath again. We were born again. Amazing feeling, words cant explain, you gotto experience it for that.
I must say Hats off to you AN, you are the best. You and your YETI were amazing together and it does take a lot of courage driving in the snow and it was the first time for you and yet you did so well, you were like a PRO in it.

Finally the drive off to Mcelod was lite. We did find snow in Mcleod and thankfully it wasn't much on the roads and hence nothing to fear. Mcelod as usual is our divine paradise. People ask us why Mcleod all the time. We don't know, we just love the place. The routine Bhagsu and Café Mandala and then in the evening some sort of form of a snow, which was not snow, but more like ice fell. Anyways the next morning we had to start back to Delhi. I hate those days when we have to come back to Delhi.
Neverthless, great trip and awesome bag full of memories and experiences together of life and death.
Goodbye people and have fun.
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a little help needed !!! :D

ohhh your trip sounds really exciting .....and even more so cause I'm planning to do the same road in the next 4 days !!! I'm just wondering if you can help me out with a few questions ....!!! firstly, how long did your whole trip take ??? because my flight back is in a week and would love to go to kasol and mcleodganj both from delhi....if possible !!!and second, being from the tropics(mumbai..haha) i really really really want to see some snowfall while I'm there there any chance of snowfall in this last week of feb...!!! and lastly ,if i have to choose between the two places .....which one should i go for at this time of year??

thank you
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Hi Rusheb,
1) our trip was for 4 days. That was because we did not want to spend much time in Kasol for the treks etc, and because we have been to Mcleodganj tons of times prior. However, I would suggest you to break it up in case you have less time. Like atleast 2 days for each of the places.
If you do not have much of time, then would suggest to stick to either one of the places only.
2) Not sure about the snowfall live as such, although the weather forecast does show up something. However, in Mcleodganj, you will find plenty of snowclad mountains.
3) I would suggest Mcleodganj for this season since it still has some crowd comparatively. Kasol is sort of snow covered right now and technically you wouldnt be able to do much there as of now is what I feel. Plus no crowd at all there and I dont think the place is totally opened up. YOu should wait for the weather to open up more for Kasol . Mcleod would be perfect for now.
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Learning... from others' experiences!
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Pratibha, it was a nice, brief and crisp report.

rusheb, it would be rush-rush if you stick to your plan!

It would be great if you spend more time at Manali, and Kasol (with a visit to Manikaran) with the time in your hand. McLeodganj can be done latter. Or you should make it like: Manali, and McLeodganj, then return to Delhi.
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Advice needed

Iam planing to go to kasol or malana with my girl friend in feb 2015, I want to know about couple of things.
2) procurement of drugs/ raves happening
3) best hotels
4) will the cafés be open?

Thank u
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wow beautiful write up..
would like to do the road trip.....

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