Trip report: Konark, Bhubaneshwar and Chilika
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..... its comments like yours that keep me going ...

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..... your reply comes across as so heartwarming and reaffirms my faith that I should continue to post.....

Well, Vaibhav. Congratulations. That was a great TR. You have the gift of narration, no doubt. I hope you continue to explore and write about your experiences to this day.

ps: Sorry about the sly, "media type" editing of your statements, but i do want you to continue to do what your passion is.

pps: Let me know when you plan to be in Ahmedabad.
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Eye for detail

Thanks so much sharing this report. Really appreciate your detailed coverage of the beautiful stonework in Konark. You are right there are so many stories etched on the walls of Konark temple. Will surely visit one day to feel the experience. 

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