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sujoydey Jul 12th, 2010 14:20

Rambha - Gopalpur on sea - Konarak
:confused:I make a plan to visit Rambha - Gopalpur on sea - Konarak during Durga Puja. I need some information regarding this tour.
Q1> Which Rly. station is appropriate for Rambha? Is it Rambha Stn or Bramhapur?
Q2> Is there any other hotel in Rambha except OTDC ?
Q3> Which place we visit 1st. Is it Gopalpur or Rambha?
Q4> Is there any bus service between Rambha to Konarak?
Q5> Which Hotel (Budget) is suitable at Gopalpur? If any suggession on Room Number.

biman Jul 13th, 2010 21:44

Hi Sujoy,

I haven't visited Rambha, but still trying to meet your queries as much as possible. Hope soemone else lands up with more appropriate information.

1. Certainly Rambha, but most of the mail trains from Kolkata don't halt here. Brahmapur is 48 km southward to Rambha. A better option is Balugaon which is 28 km north.

2. Can't help you in this regard.

3 & 4. If I were in your place, the plan would have been as follows:

Reach Puri in the morning by Puri express, then take a bus or car to Konark (~40 km).

After Konark, come back to Puri and catch Puri Tirupaty Exp(7479)[12:15 PM(Puri) 03:25 PM(Rambha)]

After Rambha catch either Inter City Exp(8411) [09:00 AM(Rambha) 09:50 AM(Brahmapur)] or the above one or take a car straight to Gopalpur.

4. Although I haven't stayed in any of them, but both Sea Pearl and Sea Side Breeze hotels show good feedback from visitors and both are on the beach facing the sea.

Hope this helps you.


sujoydey Jul 14th, 2010 20:39

tnks for your good suggestion.

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