Puri / Konark this weekend

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Afternoon all.

Hi. Apologies for the random and poorly researched questions that follow...

Decided on a whim to get out of Delhi (where I live and work currently) this weekend, and have bought a v cheap flight to Bhubeneswar. I fly in Friday night and out Sunday night.

The research I have been able to do led me to the plan of:

- land Friday night. Hope straight in cab to Puri.

- Saturday relax day in Puri. maybe hire a bike and have an explore out to nicer beaches (all weather dependant of course). Stay in Puri.

- Sunday get up early. Get a car out to Konark. Explore and time there.

How much of a must see is Chilka? I have to get back to Bhub airport for an 8 pm flight - assuming I make an early start Sunday could I visit Konark and Chilka? I have a flexible budget so am happy to pay for cost of getting a car all day to get me around to increase places I can see.

Recommendation as to a good place to stay in Puri this weekend where theere would be other folk around to meet?

The weather foreceast this weekend looks the usual mix of thunderstorms for this time of year, but is there still flooding in the area that could cause problems?

I know it's a flying visit / not giving myself enough time to aprpeciate, etc, etc, but such are the limitations of office life.

Many thanks all for help, and apologies if I am asking question that have been put 1,000 times before...
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Z hotel in Puri
I did not fully understand the dread term "Terminal Illness" until I saw Terminal 1 D of Delhi Airport.
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Puri=konark This Weekend

Going to Puri from Bhubaneswar airport is ok. Plan to visit different places in Puri throughout the day till late in the evening would also be ok. The next day, Sunday,you could consider taking a cab early in the morning and proceed to Satpada, about 30 kms. There is a Guest House there of Orissa Tourism Dev Corporation right near the Chilka lake. They would help you to get into a motorised boat for a cruise in the lake and if you are lucky, you could see a few dolphins. You should go to a place called Bahitrakud ( I think I recall the name correct) and get down , walk to the long unspoilt sea beach almost completely without human activity. The solitude of the place would be quite thrilling. You come back to the Guest House , have your lunch.But finish your lunch by 11 am; proceed to Konarks through Puri and marine drive. Be at Konark by 2-30 pm. Spend two hours at Konark and leave by 4-30 pm for Bhubaneswar. You should be at the airport comfortably by 6-30 pm to catch your flight.
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Konark and Chillika lake are not in the same direction.
If can hire a car-Maybe go on Saturday morning to Chillika lake, it is a pleasant drive there and nice and relaxing on the lake with the possibity of seeing some birds and dolphins and come back to Puri. Should have some time for a walk or bike ride. Sunday go to Konark and then on to BBBS to catch the flight.In Konark think worthwhile to go to the Musem first to see photgraphs of the Konark excavations and the layout of the temples and then go on to see the temples,can hire a guide. Think you would need to allow three hours for Konark takes around 1/2- 3/4 to get there if remember right
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Many thanks all for the very helpful swift reponses, and also non-judgmental assistance (one can often find on these rapid weekend breaks that people can be very snobbish about flying visits "well if you're only coming for that long then don't bother at all" etc).

Looking forward to it!
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Hi all,

Quick report on a excellent weekend.

Had a great time despite hopeless packing (hurried hungover Friday packing) left me without camera, mosquito repellent and sun lotion)...

Friday night - arrived and relaxed at Z Hotel.

Saturday morning - relax, general potter around Puri. Explore along Marine Drive, wandering along beach, market type areas and up to Jaganarth temple. Had light bite at The Grand(?) on main road, which has a great terrace with a good view back at the temple.

Sat afternoon - hired an auto to take me out to Lake Chilika. Couple of hours boat tour. Very peaceful. Entertained by 3 playful dolphins, and very tranquil time out at the sandbank / mouth of the sea. Some great rural scenery driving to / from the lake, and really have a sense of being away from things (which is nice on a weekend break).

Relaxed at Z Hotel in evening chatting with some other travellers, and had a (rubbish) meal at nearby place (Acha?).

Z Hotel is a lovely rambling old place though the lack of A/C was a shock to the system. Was very very hot and humid at night. Wouldn't stay there again simply because of that. If they got A/C fitted, I would firmly recommend. Other times of year that might not be such an issue.

Was bitten to death. My own fault though (see above).

Sunday morning, more pottering. Wandered out through the fisherman's village. (really not very pleasant at all).

Hired a car to take me first to Chardinbagh (or something like that) beach, 3 kms before Konark. Very nice little beach, and there is a great fishermans village a short walk along the beach that is much, much nicer than that at Puri. Wandered about there and saw them bringing the fishing boats in ashore (quite a sight in itself as they carry them up the beach) - happened about 1pm for reference.

On to Konark. Dutch chap at Z Hotel had dismissed Konark, but I thought it was fantastically interesting and stunning architecture. Alright it isn't a whole day trip out there and it is basically a single building (with some small outcrops), but it is a fascinating 2 hours and what a building! The heat and humidity was staggering on Sunday. Even the locals were wilting. Had v pleasant lunch at restaurant by Konark (can't recall the name, I believe LP recommends it). God bless their fans.

Drove from there back up to Bhub, from where I flew home. The monsoon rains arrived with avengence as we drove back to the airport. Happily the flight was not delayed though.

All in all, a great weekend and prefect as a weekend getaway from the hassles of Delhi life. Shame I don't have any photos to prove it!

Thanks all for the recommendations!
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cost of taxi

Hey, I am head that way soon. How much did you pay to hire the taxi. I have 6 nights, so I am planning something a little different.
2 nights in Chilika Lake, 2 nights in puri (the puri beach festival is going on at the same time), back to bhub for 2 nights. need to get around with my parents/family, so I think hiring a car will be best.

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