Time around Kohima and Dzuku
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| Takli Ladki

Time around Kohima and Dzuku

I've managed to get myself an RAP for Nagaland in early Jan. I'll be spending the first four or five days in Dimapur but I'd really like to take a peek at Dzuku Valley in Kohima District. Since the permit is only for 10 days is it possible to take just a day to go to Dzuku and then back to Kohima Town? I don't need serious trekking; I just want to roll down a mossy hill.

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I hope you have something planned out for the 4-5 days you will be spending in Dimapur. I am not aware of anything in and around Dimapur that could keep one engrossed for 4-5 days. The hills and villages could offer some great natural beauty and insight on the Naga way of life.

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