Moatsu Mong Festival 2014

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I am planning to visit Mokokchung to see Moatsu Mong Festival. Does anyone know when is it exactly organized? Any idea about the programme?
I know that it is usually the first week of May, but what are the exact dates? What would be the nearest airport Jorhat or Dimapur? If Jorhat how long does it take to get to Mokokchung. What are the transport options?
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Was looking at this myself and looks like May 1-3 are the dates if below is correct:
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Jorhat airport is nearer than Dimapur. You can get a direct flight from Kolkata to Jorhat. After that, you have a choice of hired jeep or bus. I am sorry but I don't know about the bus. By jeep it is a long ride. (We did this in the opposite direction last year, coming down from Mokukchung to Jorhat. It took pretty much all day.) So by bus it will be even longer.

Sounds like a great plan. Moatsu, celebrated by the Ao Nagas, is 1st to 3rd May. I will try to find out more details about it. But judging from our experience at last year's Aeoling Monyu in Mon, the programme will not be decided until the last minute. Anyhow, I will post here if I get more information.

Happy planning, Sebastian.

Mahseer! So a repeat visit to Nagaland is on the cards…

Edited to add, I just consulted Google Maps. Very over-optimistic estimate of the driving time involved!

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This is an informative link:

Mokokchung town is the third most important urban hub in Nagaland. It takes around six hours to get there from the Nagaland capital, Kohima. The district is home to the Ao tribe, which holds their celebratory Moatsu Festival during the first week of May each year.

To catch the festival head to Chuchuyimlang village, an hour and a half drive from Mokokchung town. The location of this village, high on a hill, is its best feature. Each house in the village looks out on to an unending lush chain of hills, which change color with the rising sun. The tourist lodge, while situated away from the village, is perfectly positioned to receive the evening sunlight.

This is the official Nagaland Tourism site:

The Aos observe Moatsü Mong after the sowing is done and the mother earth begins to show the sign of fertility. It provides the Aos a period of recreation after the strenuous job which goes into clearing fields, burning jungles and sowing seeds, cleaning up the Tsübu (wells) and repairs and construction of houses by elders of the Putu menden stretchinh over a week

The festival marked by vigorous songs and dances, merrymaking and fun is now observed only for three days from 1 to 3 May. The natural customary practice of the fore-fathers was competing in making the best rice beer and rearing the best possible pigs and cows to be slaughtered during the festival. The womenfolk would weave the best of traditional garments and adorn themselves with all their fineries. They would join the men folk in dancing, eating and drinking and composing warrior’s song. Singing songs in praise of the lover and the village as a whole was done and the older men folk would encourage the young people to be bold and heroic to defend and protect them from enemies as head-hunting was practiced during the fore-fathers time. During this festival one of the symbolic celebrations is SANGPANGTU where a big fire is lit and men and women sit around it. The women serve the best wine and meat and make merry. Forecast is made by the righteous men who live by the guidance of the Almighty to see whether good or evil days are awaiting the people.

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