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Any specific reason to only look at Mumbai.

Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi could also be good places to consider because they have both numerous International schools and a high Foreigner population.
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You could try the Dhurbhai Ambani International School, SIngapore International School and the American School of Bombay (this school is exclusively for American diplomats or for those with American citizenship or those with at least 1 parent as an American citizen) - they are the 3 most "prestigious" read: expensive) schools... so it figures they would hire good teachers and pay them good salaries as well :) I have liste dout the vacancies I could find for the American school and the Dhirubhai Ambani school... could not find any for Singapore Intl though... sorry! :(

1. http://www.da-is.org/html/careers.ht.../contactus.htm

3. [url]http://www.asbindia.org/page.cfm?p=76
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Thanks for you suggestions! I want to be in Mumbai as I have more family friends and support set up for myself there. I think the best schools like you mentioned are these 3. But in a conscious choice i dont want to support Ambani and his school. So that leaves me with only 2 options for international schools in Mumbai hiring foreigners. If anyone knows of anyone working at these schools and can put me in touch with other teachers there it would be a great help!
Thanks again!
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I personally dont know anyone teaching in these schools BUT my daughter has regularly participated in swimming events at the American School and from what I have seen, the teachers there seemed to be a good mix of Indians and westerners. Also, the school has excellent security and while it may not have sprawling grounds, seems to be well managed.

Also, from what I have seen, there are not that many western teachers in the school, and knowing their intention to make western students comfortable by having a similar atmosphere, I would be pretty optimistic that you would be accepted :)
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Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it! Since you've seen the atmosphere in the American School and find its a good mix of foreigners and Indians I'll certainly try applying there. Let see hopefully the package is one that is sufficient enough to live in Mumbai in an area like Bandra and not the outskirts like Powai or Chembur where housing is more affordable. I'll start getting ready to apply to the school along with the Singapore School. Are you familiar with the German school in Mumbai? I believe they might be hiring foreigners as well. Thanks again for your advice!
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Hi I am planning on moving to Mumbai in August. I have been offered a job in a private school with an annual salary of $25000, accomodation is provided by the school. Is this a good wage, what is the average wage of a teacher and is this enough to live comfortably?
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

I worked in India for 8 years, and I doubt very much that the salary you have been offered is correct. It's more likely to be in rupees and not dollars. I'd also like to add that any teaching position other than a specialised subject would not warrant a legal teaching post, so you may as well be a tourist, which will require you to leave the country every six months to renew your visa. Plus, continously renewing your visa is becoming difficult and you may find yourself in a foreign country with a refusal to return. I'd be very careful. China is the place to teach English, not India.

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