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Safe to travel?

Hi. I'm travelling to Mumbai for one night next Wednesday before heading down to Kerala. I'm really concerned about what's happening over in India at the moment and feeling a little scared travelling solo. I'm not so concerned about my travels through Kerala just really my night in Mumbai.
Can someone shed some light on what it's like over there at the moment. Should I stay close to the airport rather than stay in Colaba - where my hotel is booked.
Any info would help me out so much!!!

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Hi Lidsli ... I understand your feelings when you are traveling alone. We live in Mumbai, and I can say the feeling here is very much one of life goes on. People are back to doing their daily routines. There is a lot of anger at what happened... much of it aimed at the government and the lack or preparedness.

I would say that we do get lots of rumours and fears of new problems. Just like after 9/11 people are nervous and fearful, and any small rumour makes people wonder. But when you get here you'll see how resilient people are ... they have to get on with life... and they do with gusto!

I haven't been down to Colaba yet, but I hear it's slowly getting life back to it. All the hotels and restaurants are hoping for people to come back.. they need the business. Leopolds is full to bursting though... which is great to see.

I think you should do what *you* feel most comfortable with. Colaba is a long way from the airport. If you feel nervous then stay somewhere you will enjoy yourself. When you are alone that is so important... to feel safe and not be worried about such awful things as these. You always have the IndiaMike family to fall back on too :)

Best of luck
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If you are really worried, and if the Colaba booking can be written off, suggest stay near the airport overnight.

Otherwise, Colaba hotel will be fine. Lightning is unlikely to strike twice so soon at the same place.

Enjoy yourself. The odds are against something happening in Mumbai right now- and then against something happening right where you are.
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you should be ok
mumbai is as good as always, still
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Mumbai is fine right now. No problems at all, except for the slightly more visible security at tourist spots, airports, railway stations, etc. You should be safe and sound in Mumbai. Don't worry and you shall be fine.

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