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aarosh Dec 24th, 2017 13:31

Romancing the art
The two elephants are part of Imperial Cinema, which began life as an orchestra theatre


Opera House, now largely a commercial and electronics hub, was once the artistic and cultural hot bed of the city.

When Louis Rousselet, a French traveller, writer and photographer visited the city in the early 1800s, he compared a particular area of the city to Breda Street in Paris's Montmartre, which was home to a startling number of artists, musicians and poets. It wasn't Kala Ghoda, considered the cultural hub of the city today that Rousselet so admired, but the area now known as 'Opera House', which stretches from Grant Road to Girgaum Chowpatty.

"The Royal Opera House is the most popular building, and has survived to this day. But it is only one of many hidden gems in the area that are part of Indian art history," says 29-year-old Ami Parikh, who points to a giant house across from us in one of the bylanes while holding a painting in her hand. The painting is a copy of the famous Glow of Hope (orWoman with the Lamp) by Sawlaram Haldankar, who had lived in the house she was pointing at. He had painted his daughter Gita, who was in her late twenties, holding the lamp outside the main door. While living there, Haldankar had founded the Art Society of India.
Mumbai Mirror

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