Getting from Mumbai airport to Central station in late june
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Getting from Mumbai airport to Central station in late june

Hello every potential reader of this question!

I'm planning a two month trip to India during the monsoon, landing in Mumbai around the 20th of June. Can any of you who live there (or been there during the flooding) tell me what the rains are usualy like around that time?
Is it realistic to get from the airport to Mumbai central station?

From there I was planning on taking a train either south (to Kerala, where monsoon travel is promoted) or southeast - if I get scared of the water - to Chennai, where i seems to be dryer at that point.

All the threads I've read here on the forum seem to concentrate on Mumbai in July, which I presume is the worst season (judging by the rain mm prognosis).

A secondary question is if it seem plausible to get back to the Mumbai airport in late august? - Somehow I presume that it is. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thank you wery much for your help!

Best regards


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Hope you know that you cannot just turn up at the station and get tickets. Kerala or Chennai are about 20-24 hrs journeys by train.
Mumbai airport would be fine its only on a couple of days when rains are too heavy.
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About the trains

Thank you gaurav for your answer!

I realize that I must book tickets in time, great thing that there is this thing called the Internet. I will buy my ticket - it will be to Chennai, and from there I will slowly move south west to Kerala - via IRCTC Online, as soon as i know the exact date i will arrive at Mumbai. It will most likely bee the 19th of June.

I'm aware of the distances in India, but i think i will manage in the AC 2-tier sleeper class in the train.

If you guarav, or any other one of you out there have any points of view or tips on traveling form mumbai airpoirt to the central station and for there to chennai central, it will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much!

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The best wauy to Mumbai Central is by prepaid AC cab.

Also, Just check for availability of 2AC for June, the trains may have already been full.

If you have not already booked air tickets another option would be to fly in directly to Chennai and fly out of India either through Mumbai or Kochi.
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Mumbai is like any other city. Pls do not believe rumours that the city gets flooded in is just that some low lying areas are flooded that too if there is continuous heavy rainfall. You can very well move around the city in the monsoon months as well.
For travel from airport to Central station (it is referred to as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) ) you can hire a pre-paid taxi at the air port. Pls check the website - for details.
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From the Mumbai International airport to the three railway stations in Mumbai that have trains starting from here to go down south towards Kerala or Tamil Nadu there is the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Dadar Terminus and the Lokmanya Tilak (Kurla) Terminus depending on which train you take to go there. Mumbai Central is the Western Railway station which does not have any trains going down south and has nothing to do with the Central Railway so please don't get confused with the different names. It may rain a lot in Mumbai during the monsoon season which is from June to September, but the maximum is during July and August. It does get flooded in some of the low lying areas when it rains a lot and there is a high tide at the same time which prevents the rain water from going out to the sea. Otherwise it is not so bad unless there is a continuous heavy downpour for many days on end and trains are running late or are cancelled due to flooding on the tracks in some areas. This could happen sometimes so be prepared to rough it out during such times.

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I'm going to be travelling to India in late June. I appreciate your comment that Mumbai doesn't get entirely flooded -- the media makes a lot of such things. But, would you recommend that I fly to another gateway city (Mumbai is not my final destination, but it is convenient for my flights to India). Thanks!
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You can try New Delhi as the gateway city.
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Can anyone comment on the amount of rain specifically in early June in and around Mumbai? All of the info I come across mentions June as the beginning of monsoon but does not say how much there typically is in early June.

And does anyone know if the ferry service to Murud Janjira Fort will be running in early June... or will it not be available because this will be during "monsoon season." ??

Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated.

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