First visit - Where to stay ?
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First visit - Where to stay ?

Hello, yeah, I know this question must be asked all de time...but I'm arriving in Mumbai in a coupla days at about 4am. It's my 1st time in India and I'm planning on staying in Mumbai just for as long as it takes to get over me jetlag, I'd really appreciate any suggestions, can probly afford £5-10 for a comfy, clean place, but would like to stay somewhere I can meet other travellers too.
Cheers for yer help!

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u r willing to spend only 10 quid (approx 500rupes) u wont have a great deal ov choice. check out the colaba area. the sally army hostel is a good place to meet people, or the 3 hotels in the kamal mansion building on arthur bunder rd, are cheap & busy.

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