2-3 months accommodation for Indian-Canadian writer -- tips, neighbourhoods, etc
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2-3 months accommodation for Indian-Canadian writer -- tips, neighbourhoods, etc

Hi my friends,

First off, thanks for this great resource. I've gone to India about 4 times and always relied on this website for sneaky resources and unique perspectives.

I'm hoping to make it to Mumbai this December for 2-3 months.

I'm having a little difficulty finding a sublet. I've used Magic Bricks and 99 Acres, but have been told that people will expect a year long lease. AirBNB accommodations are a little difficult to decipher and tend to be very pricey (although, I know the city rents are on par with Western rates).

I'm not looking for a crazy deal or anything, just one bedroom in an apartment for the duration. Or a one bedroom apartment.

I've been told--and experienced, in my travels--that it can be difficult for Muslims to find accommodation.

I've been to the city a few times but am unsure where to look for such a long period. People keep saying Bandra, but Bandra is pretty...big.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, view website listings, mailing lists, anything, I would be grateful. Any site that caters to artists, scholars, etc. would be great.

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Afaik Indians don't like to rent to Indians short-term, because they fear they will never leave...
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Those are great listings. I wonder if they offer such short term deals also, as the OP wishes, for just a few months at a time. But good to know the listings exist, as they give you an idea of rent cost in various cities.

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