Moving to Pune Jan 2014 from USA NJ

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My husband and I are exploring a move to Pune from the states in January and I have some questions, of course.

His work will be located in the middle of Yerawada, Pune, and we will be looking for "home" in Korageon Park. Google Maps says this is 11 minutes commute, which I expect is more like 30-45 with traffic, can anyone confirm this? Also, are there any other neighborhoods closeby that would be a fair mix of expats and locals and rich in comforts?

We are planning to have our first child in Pune. How are the hospitals, in particular Ruby Hill, for natural childbirth and pediatric care? Is it as closeby to Korageon Park as Google Maps says (6 minutes transit time)?

We would like to have a staff of two to come from morning until early evening: a driver and someone to take care of the housework, shopping, driving, cooking, etc. How much does staff cost on a monthly basis? Do the drivers have their own cars?

Related to that, we would like to rent a modern apartment, 3 bedrooms, on a high floor in a secure complex with a pool and a gym, purified water and power backup, close to shops and restaurants. We also have a small white dog so the building will need to be pet friendly. How many rupees would this cost on a monthly basis and can you suggest any?

My husbands company will ship all our belongings (furniture/clothing/electronics) but we are also considering selling our furniture and renting a furnished apartment. We don't have appliances coming with us. I'm assuming the relocation company will help us acquire them if we go for an unfurnished condo/apartment? I know ovens are a rare luxury :-)

How easy is it for me, with a career in sales to find work in Pune and would the pay be worth my doing so? I would like to find a US based company that pays salary in USD. (I realize this may be unrealistic. If it is, please let me know what I can expect)

I know I may be asking a lot but I'm hoping that if I aim high, I'll at least end up compromising somewhere in the middle

Hope to get some advice, I really value what I've read in other posts here!
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currently in transit
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NJSteph, welcome to india mike.

As you have ome time, have some patience, real estate queries get slow responses on this forum. I assume you have checked old posts relevant to you.

And another thing to note, about your canine partner. I assume you are bringing him/her with you. you need to do some research on that issue as well. There are some new rules currently in force, so it needs some effort to understand this. There are some posts here on IM on that subject.

sorry, cannot provide any specific answers to your questions. Might i suggest that you look for approximate rental values in real estate sites like, since you have an idea of the areas you are interested in.
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Thanks so much for your info! We're really looking forward to the move and have a relocation company that we'll be working with for housing. I appreciate your feedback!
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A good place to start with almost anything is 'Pune expats', specifically set up to help foreigners settle in Pune.
Google it, and you will find the website.
Hope that helps!
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Koregaon place is a nice place to live in for expats

I believe his office is in Magarpatta City, Its only 30 minutes drive from Koregaon park.

About Ruby Hall hospital yes its definitely a good one.
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Thats nice to hear your shifting to Pune.

Hi NJSteph,
Thats nice to hear your shifting to Pune.
Koregaon, is a location where most of the foreigner have their residence, to this alternative is Hinjewadi, where you can find class of localites you wanted to be.
Yerwada itself is also a good location, if you are able to find a good place. Now, yerwada is also have residents from foreign origin.
I am staying with my wife in Pune, since 2 years, and you will find weather here pleasant, with appropriate intellect citizen, with happening and lively culture.
Select house from the online portal. you can have directly words with the owner. Most of them are true to their words, when concerned to owner in this areas.

Regarding hospitals and other stuff, I feel you will find good hospitals with good facilities and hygene.

For you sales, opportunites in India is always there. Let know if you would like to know anything.

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Thanks Harshaldosh, I appreciate your response.

We are moving in a few weeks and had our first trip to Pune in October, which we enjoyed very much.

Thanks for your advice on hospitals and neighborhoods too, we are excited to get there :-)

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