Breastfeeding in Pune?

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In the U.S. I had no problem breastfeeding in restaurants or malls. There were usually empty booths, or nice nursing lounges where I could go to quietly nurse my baby. I have never given my baby a drop of formula and I plan to exclusively breastfeed until he is 6 months old.

Now that I am in Pune, I try my best to feed my baby right before we have to go out. Recently however, I was appliance shopping (in Kroma)and my baby got hungry. I asked the salesperson to show me the restroom, so I could nurse there, but it smelled too bad and the salesgirl noticed my discomfort. I explained that I needed to breastfeed, so she took me to the employees' changing room. I was very grateful to her for this- but the room was 3ft by 3 ft and there was no fan or A/C, and it was hot. I found a little magazine and fanned my baby while he drank. I also tried to stay very positive eventhough I was very uncomfortable (some male employees were right outside the door singing). Babies can pick up on a mother's stress and then they might not drink as much.

My husband and I have decided that if we know we'll be out for more than 3 hours, we will take a bottle of pumped milk. But that will be difficult because we have to keep the milk cold to preserve it (which is fine), but then how do we heat it up to feed it to the baby?

My question to other mothers is: Are there any public places in Pune where you have comfortably breastfed? I might get a little bored at home if I never leave because I have to breastfeed my baby.

I found a disturbing post on another forum where someone had posted a picture of an Indian woman breastfeeding her baby in a five star. I don't want that to happen to me.

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Hi Rush,

I assume you travel in a private or a rented car around the city, I would recommend rushing to the back of the car and feeding the lil one. We have found that it works the best, as opposed to trying to find a stress free feeding space.

You can also carry a very light duppatta with you , cover yourself and the baby by draping it over your head. It will give you enough cover from curious eyes, and probably reduce your stress level.

Most malls have clothing stores which would have trial rooms, they also can work well for a short feed. It is always good to find a lady Sales rep and explain to her why you need to use the changing room, they are usually co-operative

Please private message us, so you can trade phone numbers with my wife. Both of you will probably feel sharing experiences and helping each other along.


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There was a very similar message posted here yesterday. It may help to do a quick search for the information.

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...By the same person!

As there is already information on that thread, this one will be closed.

Please go -->here to continue the conversation
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