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afroza Aug 10th, 2010 17:31

Alternative schools in Pune?
We are considering of relocating to Pune , since the situation in Kashmir where we are at the moment is very difficult, and we canīt work or go to school or anywhere, really. My husband is from here, but beeing Swedish myself I find it very difficult to get use to the curfews and all.
We used to live in Pune before, and I love the place, but this time we have kids in school-age so I need to find a good school for my oldest son, who is six.
Does anybody know of a good co-ed school, with child-centered education, and loving teachers? I donīt want to send him to a stressful place with strict dicipline, premature academic pressure, exams and such at this young age.
I have heard of Waldorf schools and other more alternative learning centers there, but I would really appreciate any info.
Looks like we will be staying in Koreagon Park again, or somewhere around there, but it is not fixed yet, so any school that you could recommend in the Pune area would be of interest.

fiazio Aug 15th, 2010 19:30

In my childhood I've changed about 5 different schools, the best amongst them was The Rewachand Bhojwani Acadamy. I remember, we were supposed to call our teachers with names like dada, uncle, didi never with sir/mam. They were all just perfect, we had this business week where we all used to set up out own business plan and put up our shops for the school the profits of which were given to charity.

I would really suggest you to give it a try, its located opposite the Bishops boys School, Camp.

Have a great day!

yoyo Aug 17th, 2010 19:46

Hey Afroza.

We may also be relocating to Pune by the end of next year. My husband is Swedish and i am English and we alos have 2 young children 6 and 4.
It seesm like you know a lot about Pune, what would be your recommendation for places to rent about 4-5 bedroom apts or houses. Also schools as we would like our daughters in good expat schools, plus if you know of any swedish after school clubs would be very handy as i do not wnat them to lose their swedish.

look forward to hearing from you

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