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deadmanswill Sep 3rd, 2007 22:39

Long term stay in Goa - Advice please

Glad to be a member of indiamike forum. I have browsed through many posts and found the information very relevant. But I have some special needs that I hope some of you could advice me upon.

You see, I am planning to shift this December to Goa for sometime. Initially it would be six months on a test basis and then for about two to three years if I like it there.

Could anybody advice me which is the best place to stay there on a budget. I would compulsorily need internet connection for my PC because I am a freelance writer and work online to earn my living. Since it is going to be a trial period I would like to stay under budget. I would be very grateful if somebody could answer my questions:

1. Which place in Goa would give good internet connection at home?

2. Could I rent a single bed flat under 5,500 rupees per month in such a place? If not, what would be the least I would need to pay for a partially furnished flat.

3. How open are Goans to people relocating from other states? As for my side, I am coming to Goa for a period of calm work and possibly write a novel. I may be seen wandering on the beaches only during the weekends. My work keeps me indoors most of the week days.

I would be very happy for any advice at all.

Kiran Kumar

machadinha Sep 3rd, 2007 22:47

I suppose you've read

deadmanswill Sep 3rd, 2007 22:56

hi machadinha

Thanks so much for the reply. I forgot to mention you guys that I stay in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh now. I am not from abroad nor am I interested in buying property in Goa. Since I got fed up with Hyderabad I looked up various options in South India where I could live peacefully for a while. Goa looked an inviting option.

Am going through your article anyway. Thanks for it.

Nick-H Sep 3rd, 2007 23:42

It slowly dawned on me that you're an Indian citizen, and so all that property problem stuff doesn't apply to you.

I think if you plough through it, though, you will find some things about Goa and 'outsiders'

Kingfisher Sep 4th, 2007 04:16

Hi Kiran, welcome to Indiamike.

Your questions are difficult to answer because it is apparent that you have little background information about Goa and any reply would require extensive explanations and caveats in order to be useful.

As an opening comment and generalization, December would be a terrible month to arrive in Goa with hopes of finding a low-priced flat. While furnished, foreign-owned flats appear to be readily available off season at bargain rates, I really doubt you will find any deals in december-february. Whether non-tourist flats in towns like Mapusa, Margao, or Panjim would be available short-term, (or even be very desirable for a writer) is questionable as well.

As far as internet connection, some form of connection should be available almost anywhere; if you require somewhat high-speed then that is another question. Once you have a telephone (:D ) a dial-up connection (using a pre-paid card) is available from BNSL, but their 'broadband' service currently has a two month wait for connection. Some areas can be accessed with cell technology from one of the regular carriers, but this can only be determined by checking out the specific location and I'm not certain about speeds available.

If you have never actually been to Goa, I would suggest that taking a few days to visit and look around should be your first priority. Go pre-season, rent a scooter, and check out areas that look promising as a place you would like to live. After you see how things work and the areas of interest, you can begin making inquiries about property availability -- you will find nothing of interest in your price bracket on the internet, so don't get hung up on finding something from your computer as a successful outcome will require leg-work.

good luck with your quest!

steven_ber Sep 4th, 2007 04:32

Just a thought...

You may have a good reason for wanting to go to Goa, but I read a while ago about low cost seaside holiday places at a beach about 20kms south of Narsapur in AP, I can find the name of the place if you're interested.

deadmanswill Sep 4th, 2007 08:16

Thanks Nick-H, Kingfisher and steven_ber for the info. Yeah, I am planning to go for a 'scout' trip to Goa this october. But I wanted to do get some inkling about the places so I could keep my leg work to a few key places that would give me the taste of real Goa and its living space. I really hope the trip doesn't disappoint me.

As for other places in Andhra Pradesh Steven_ber, no offence but I am fed up with living in Andhra Pradesh. I hail from that state but belong more to Chennai because I spent 20 years there. I now want to live in new places. In fact if Goa is not suited, I shall be moving back to Chennai.

But I do hope Goa would be fine for me. Lets see. Thanks for the information though.

capt_mahajan Sep 4th, 2007 08:18

..cross posted ..

Steven, if you run across details of the Narsapur place, please post it here.

To the OP, I wouldn't make any six month plan till I visited Goa once. Its only 750 km away.

Goans are as welcoming, or not, about people from other States as most anywhere else, recent hype notwithstanding.

Single bed flat for 5500 should not be a problem, away from the touristed areas and beaches.

I would look around Dabolim, Margao, Salcette etc first off.
And also try and for a flavour of rentals.

deadmanswill Sep 4th, 2007 09:06

Hi Capt_mahajan

Thanks very much. Will try those areas this October on my first visit.


edwardseco Sep 7th, 2007 01:30


Steven, if you run across details of the Narsapur place, please post it here.

webtraveller Sep 7th, 2007 02:59


Originally Posted by deadmanswill (Post 378275)
As for other places in Andhra Pradesh Steven_ber, no offence but I am fed up with living in Andhra Pradesh. I hail from that state but belong more to Chennai because I spent 20 years there.

Why did you get fed up with living in AP? Any specific reasons? I hope you meant Hyderabad, AP and not the whole of AP state. (Just being a Curious George !!!.)


deadmanswill Sep 7th, 2007 20:01

Nothing against the state as such, but I have too many bothering relatives in about every place in Andhra Pradesh to be able to live in relative peace;)

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