Window AC Installation Charge?

#1 Apr 19th, 2014, 22:51
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Hello all:

Good to be back again in Delhi. I have rented a place in Green Park and I need to have 3 window ACs installed. I already have the ACs, the frames, and the stabilizers. These are 1.5 ton ACs.

I called an AC guy and he wants to charge me Rs .750 per AC for installation, which some people have told me is kind of high.

It is a relatively simple installation - 2nd floor windows that easily becomes a frame because the windows can be removed in a minute or two, so no need to have a ladder and come from the outside.

Wanted to hear from other folks what they pay for such a service (I was told Rs 200 to 500). And some leads (contacts) would be great.

I know its not a lot of money but that's not really the point for me. I just don't like being fleeced, that's all, its the principle of the matter.

Thanks much!

#2 Apr 20th, 2014, 01:36
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Upfront, no experience with labor cost in Delhi. Hoping someone from Delhi will chime in soon. In the meanwhile, let us consider the fact that there is high inflation. Someone who paid 200 of 500 may sometime ago may not know the current rates, rates are changing with inflation. Consider the job itself, what does it involve? Is it pure labor or expertise? If expertise on any level, this is cheap. Frankly, it is still cheap even if it is pure labor (which I doubt). The key question to ask whether the person is qualified to do the task. Find the most qualified person first, then negotiate a reasonable rate (750 looks good to me but let us see what others say). Good luck.
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call just dial and tell them that you want AC installers. The guys that respond will trip over their own feet to offer you the best rate.
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Please look at the warranty conditions. Some of the best manufacturers will consider the warranty void if you do not have the machine installed by an authorised agent. Why on earth the onus should be on the customer to check that out, I don't know, but it seems it is.

Most people get the place that sells the ACs to do the installation. Sometimes it even comes free as part of the deal, although you usually have to pay for your own building work, alterations to windows, holes in walls, support frames etc.
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Rs. 750 is very reasonable for Delhi.

I realize it's too late for the OP, but split AC units are much more popular than window units nowadays because they don't block a window. These are the things where one part sits outside the house, looking like a large fan; you see them everywhere on the sides of buildings. It is connected to the other half (the part that is indoors and emits the cool air) using a hose that goes through the wall, no window used.
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Is the guy located in your area(Green park)? He will ask for more than someone located in a less pricey neighborhood. Call the company whose ACs you bought. They'll give you a good deal, i think.
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It sounds cheap, but I come from Kerala where its cheaper to buy a kidney than get decent labour.
Maybe you could try for a bulk discount.
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There are a lot of shops on main road, on Arjun nagar side and in and around green park. Walk around and check for shops, you will at least get a dozen easily, ask the installation price and you will get the best deal. This process is easy and you will get the installation guy close to your place.

Moreover, Installation in places like green park carry a premium for obvious reasons, so do not bother about a few hundred rupees, what is important is that the guy should do a clean job. It may seem simple to you, but there are people who can mess up the simplest of job.
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Rs 400 and up

So, I did end up getting some windows ACs installed in Green Park a few months ago.

One guy did a decent job for Rs. 400.

Another guy did a sloppy job for Rs 500.

I provided the wood in both instances, not a whole lot was required.

The lesson that I learnt is that it is best to get someone who comes recommended, even if they charge a bit more.

I am having similar issues with plumbers and electricians in the area. Cannot find a decent plumber here!

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