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International school

My husband and I are moving to New Dheli (from Bologna, Italy) in september for one year.We have a daughter Who is 7 months old and she will stay at home with me , and We have also a son Who is 4 years old. We are looking for an international school for my son. We have heard about the american school but it seems to be very hard to get in. Do you Have other suggestions? Any input will be appreciated
Another question: Does a 4 years old go to the preschool or to the kindergarten in India?
Thanks in advance

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Welcome to IM. See the Similar Threads list at the bottom of the page and do some searches on the site. Yes, the American Embassy School is tough to get into, and also rather expensive. This page suggests that a child of four would go to pre-school at the AES, but that may be different elsewhere. Have you tried the Italian Embassy/Consulate for advice?
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I and my family are moving to Delhi in August 2013. I need your help in finding good international schools for my children (3rd and 5th grade) preferably US Curriculum. I searched it online but some were terribly expensive. Please let me know if you are aware of any that is good with reasonable fee. thanks Mir
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What is a reasonable fee in your opinion?
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well it depends. However, 5-7kUSD/year would be reasonable for me.

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