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Grubby Sep 9th, 2012 16:31

Best Breakfast in Delhi
I would like to know about place who serve good hygienic protien rich breakfast in new delhi because i have shifted my place from west to south of delhi.

i like eggs in breakfast please suggest me good places for breakfast near my place east of kailash.

My budget is Rs 100

Golghar Sep 9th, 2012 20:52

You can make yourself a nice breakfast for 100 Rs.

According to your other thread you

like to travel, cooking different cusines and i love playing football and seeing it ( I support Juventus club) at UEFA .
So I am sure putting together a decent breakfast shouldn't be that much of a challenge for you.

nycank Sep 9th, 2012 21:22


Originally Posted by Grubby (Post 1469038)
My budget is Rs 100

Lucky da Thela next to the DTC bus stop !! Anda paratha ...yummy !

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