Running before I walk - Possible relocation

#1 Oct 6th, 2018, 18:18
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Good morning All!

In my usual style I am gathering up as much information that I can before it's even been confirmed that my husband has the possibility to relocate to Chennai. We have 3 children and a dog so the move is a big one but initially would only be for a year.

I have already spoken to a dear family friend who is from Mumbai but knows Chennai and he has informed me that it would be a worthwhile move for us and certainly an adventure.

We are originally from the UK but currently live in Canada.

Interested in everything from schooling to areas to live in, types of homes advisable for an all girl (accept Dad) family. Safety etc.

It's certainly an exciting prospect and I absolutely love the Indian culture but I have to get this right if we are to proceed further with the job application.

Thank you in advance.
#2 Oct 6th, 2018, 20:32
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Chennai, India
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Hello Vic (or should that be Vic and Lou?): Welcome to IndiaMike.

I'm not at all sure that I'll be able to answer any of your questions personally, but others may join in. One thing people would like to know is the locality of that prospective job. It's a fairly big city, and location questions are hard to answer without that information.

Generally speaking, though, and assuming that it's a fairly senior post that is bringing you across continents and oceans, with a commensurate package, I'd be looking for a house not too far from the sea. You'll get better quality air and a place to walk with your dog.

How are you people-and-dog going to get on with our infamous climate?
Life gets aadhar every day.
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Please check about bringing the dog. As far as I know, it is not allowed for foreigners to bring their dogs (it is pretty restricted for Indians) and it might be a hassle to leave India with a dog. The last point you also have to check with your home country.
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Chennai is fairly safe, but moving from Canada, you're going to have a crazy time, weather-wise. There are quite a few all-girls schools, usually convents. There are also a fair few international schools, which expats seem to prefer (in my admittedly limited knowledge).

As for the dog, I know someone who used to live in Dubai and did bring their dog to India when they moved. But the dog had all the vet records and vaccinations and a health checkup done, and whatever else was required. So if all your papers are in place I don't think it should be that hard, but I haven't personally experienced it.

I agree with your family friend, it sure will be quite an adventure!
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Land that shakes and bakes.
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If the pet is travelling in the cargo hold, you will need to have a copy of your passport, plane ticket, and airway bill. Below is a list of the additional paperwork needed to enter India with your pets: No Objection Certificate (NOC): These must be obtained from a quarantine center in India 15 days before importation.
India Pet Quarantine and Travel Regulations - Bring Fido
My dear cousin in India is a Lab lover. The big lab pushes open my door aside and me too if I get in the way. There is a danger from gangs of monkeys. But, the only experience he has actually had was at Holi. I escaped one more time in a long series of close calls..

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