I need a r4 soooo badlyy!!!
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I need a r4 soooo badlyy!!!


I'm Alice and I'm in India (chennai) for the first time. Guys if you could be helpful can U please tell me where we could BUY a R4 for Nintendo DS? I've googled it but it only gives me crap.:mad: So yeah if u guys knew please do tell me![happy]

~Alice ;)

And PS: Im not asking for ONLINE shopping please not give me amazon or ebay cos IM NOT ASKING FOR ONLINE SHOPPING!!

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Your best bet is to visit chennai citi centre, or spencers shopping mall look for gaming outlets and you will be able to buy it from there.
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where we could BUY a R4 for Nintendo DS?

Try Ritchie Street.
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Ya Ritchie street is a best option, you could try in express avenue and spencer plaza. Also in poonamalle high road there is a shop for gaming near anna arch. also you could try in mercy and kelvin shops.
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