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blush May 27th, 2011 14:46

Asian Groceries / Fresh Fish in Chennai
Hi all,

Any recommendations for where to buy Asian groceries in Chennai?
Specifically Chinese, Thai, Japanese stuff.

On our preview trip last week, we saw some very basic Asian groceries like Soya Sauce, boxed tofu, dried soba noodles in stores like Amma Nana, Mercado and one Nilgiris.

However I'm wondering if anyone has info on other sources for things like fresh beansprouts, rice noodles, sticky rice, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, fresh tofu.

We heard that there is a small shop near Park Sheraton selling Thai ingredients, but no one could give us the exact location. Does anyone know of this?

Also where does one buy FRESH FISH in Chennai? Did not see any in Big Bazaar (the large supermarket in the big new mall Express Avenue) or Nilgiris. Only saw the local women squatting along the road with their baskets along ECR and along Marina Beach....and the fish didn't look too good either.


Nick-H May 27th, 2011 15:19

Whilst there are more "sterile-environment" fish shops, the fish from the markets is probably the best you can get: you are buying from the people that catch it!

Bean sprouts in a bag, I noticed in a big, new vegetable shop in Palavakkam (ECR) the other day --- but my wife makes her own every day.

blush May 27th, 2011 16:34

Thanks Nick! Hmmm...that's an idea...growing the sprouts...which beans does she use? Dried green beans or soyabeans?

Nick-H May 27th, 2011 22:00

I don't know! [Blush] Small green things, of some description. As I don't like been sprouts I haven't shown much of an interest. She's in the middle of some heavy-going negotiations with sponsors for young students just now. I'll try to remember to ask later!

We do grow mustard seedlings, which I love on my cheese-on-toast, just by scattering the mustard seeds on the surface of a pot. I tried to do it in the kitchen, but it got insect-infested and mouldy: turns out they grow just fine outside.

machadinha May 27th, 2011 22:15


Originally Posted by Nick-H (Post 1191420)
Small green things, of some description.

Mung beans? It's what they're traditionally made of, though many beans (soy beans, indeed) can be used. Known as moong dal (mung dhal, etc.) in India.*

That still leaves the OP searching for their other ingredients, though :) Sorry, no idea.

* Spread out some cotton balls on a plate, sprinkle (dried) beans on top, keep lightly moist. They should sprout in a week or so; if they go mouldy, chuck away & try again.

Member JuliaF once came up with a more elaborate approach, here.

Nick-H May 27th, 2011 23:21

Sorry, she says she uses dhal so I guess they are lentil sprouts, rather than bean sprouts [Blush]. She wraps them in a wet cloth. I guess that, or Mach's method, could be used to produce home-growns from anything that will sprout :)

blush May 31st, 2011 13:39

Thanks! I'll try all of those :)

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