Any french people out there ?
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Any french people out there ?

hello my wife is French, she is looking for ways to meet her co-citoyens ; it's easy enough fro Anglo-saxons I guess, hang out in one of a few bars, but for French peoople ?

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Salut new to chennai!

Your wife should check out another site, similar to Indiamike, but for frenchies...

It's not as active as IM but i'm sure she'll find answers to her questions in french and perhpas francophone meet ups!


Or check out the nearest Alliance Francaise, that way she'll get to know a lot of people quickly.
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Yes, Alliance Francaise is here in Chennai.
Life gets aadhar every day.
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Hi new2chennai,
I'm French and will arrive in Chennai next week for some years.
Has your wife already found a kind of French community?
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Alliance francaise in nungambakkam yea you can meet lot of french people there . we has a french librarian there dunno whether he is still there .
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I've been at least three times to Alliance Fran├žaise but have never seen even the shadow of a French there. Definitely not the good spot to meet French. Thanks anyway for your help.
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Its true that the french alliance is not the better way to meet french people. I am a french student and I am looking for meeting french too. T met a lot of french in french restaurant or hostel like "the Park" atc...
good luck

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Is there a french restaurant in Chennai??
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In a lot of hostel, you can eat very good western food like gnoochi or gratin etc...
you can see:
Park Hotel => name of the restaurant "601"
Residency tower => name "The crown"
everything is in the "cityinfo". its a newspaper where there is a lot of informations to get out at night and to eat. You have to ask for in reception of hostel.

goos luck
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Ok, like that. I know those places, but I thought there might be a separate French restaurant. Unfortunately there's not :(
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Originally posted by: mirjamd View Post

Is there a french restaurant in Chennai??

La Madeleine in Alwarpet used to serve exclusive French cuisine, but I think they are now closed and it is taken over by another restaurant.
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I've never heard of them, or seen them. I think they are closed, which is a pity! It looked like a great place! The five-star restaurants like 601 are good, but also really pricey...

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