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Moving to BLR

We are planning to move to Bangalore by this year. Would like to get some ideas on best locations in BLR. We are confused, whether to go for an independent house or apartments... wat would you suggest???:confused::confused::confused:

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T M, this would be too less details to suggest anything!! But very happy to read you would be in Bangalore :)!

Key factors to be taken into consideration before zeroing on any particular locality -

  • What would be the cost involved (your budget)- either for purchase or renting!
  • Where you would be working
  • whether you would like to stay closer to your workplace or you don't mind travelling a bit to your workplace everyday!
  • The advantages of any particular locality as against the drawbacks!
  • If there are any kids at home who would be required to get admissions to school!

These are just a few points as an example I have written down. But I see people choosing to stay towards Koramangla, whitefields, JP nagar, Rajarajeshwari Nagar(off Mysore Road) and many new extensions in Bangalore :). I am told even new extensions towards the BIAL (Devanahalli) is hot, these days.

Else Malleshwaram, Rajajinagar, West of chord road, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Padmanabhanagar are few of the 'old Bangalore' sort to say!
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Great Naveena, thanks for the reply.
See, we are looking for 3 BR apartment or house to buy. My wife will be there for some time and I will be still working at Dubai. My in laws are staying at Hennur now, and if its near to them will be good for us.
Our budget will be around 60 to 70 lakhs. But I prefer kind of community place. If you come across any of these sort (not necessary that it has to be in or near hennur), please let us know.
Thanks for your wonderful effort.

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