Gated communities in Whitefield
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Gated communities in Whitefield

Hey everyone,

I'm moving to bangalore and I'm looking for a good apartment i can live in. The hubby will be working at ITPL so anywhere within 5 km of ITPL works for us. From what he tells me (he's visiting to recce the city at the moment), a building in a "gated community" would be ideal for us. Somewhere we can have access to a swimming pool and gym, greenery, and good security. 24/7 water, electricity and internet are vital. Can anyone suggest good apartment buildings in gated community setups we can look at in this area?

Thoughts anyone?

PS: It needs to be pet-friendly although i hear that shouldn't be a problem.

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An indicative budget helps those who can answer.
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I'm looking for something around 25k
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Originally posted by: sitaraandrews View Post

24/7 water, electricity and internet are vital.

If you want 24*7 electricity, don't leave Bombay (this is assuming you are in proper Bombay & not in Thane etc). There isn't any other place in India with 24*7 electricity.
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Most places I've been reading about in Bangalore property listings do say they have power backups. This is good enough for me. I'm a freelancer, so electricity + a reliable internet service are as important as water and security.
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Prestige Shantiniketan is the best place for you in that budget. You will get a 2 BHK here but maintenance will be extra and that would be 3-4k a month. This is a gated community. In terms of ameneties, there is well.. everything. Swimming pool, snooker, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Gym etc.

Power back up is excellent and you dont realize that the power has gone and we have switched to backup power. Unlike other places, the backup power also powers your a/c or geyser. You will get only 3 KW power for a 2 BHK apartment so that would be enough for either 1 AC or 1 Geyser. Bigger apartments have more KW powerback. I suggest you move into a 3 or 3.5 BHK apartment by paying 30-35k including maintenance and you should be a happy camper.

ITPL is a short walk away. More like 15 mins, out of which 10 minute would be spent walking within the community itself, given its size.

Feel free to ask let me know if you need more info.
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I saw this post a tad late. We did look at Shantiniketan, but an apartment in Vaswani pinnacle worked for us for the moment. The prestige Shantiniketan complex is pretty impressive. We're hoping to be able to invest there (or at least move there) in the near future. Thanks for your input!

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