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Do you need credit cards with a chip, a chip AND PIN, or does a regular magnetic strip work?
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Originally Posted by Pani Puri View Post Do you need credit cards with a chip, a chip AND PIN, or does a regular magnetic strip work?
The ones with strips work too.In fact there are some machines {maybe issued to trusted retailer} where my chip and pin card was swiped like a regular card. But as there is a serious risk of cloning be cautious while using them.
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I think most card readers I saw recently had the magnetic stripe reading facility, so in general cards without chips should work fine, although it's possible some newer card readers don't support them.

Chip with PIN is not required at shops or elsewhere where a person is handling the credit card machine. I used chip cards without PINs extensively in India and they worked fine. The shopkeepers are sometimes slightly puzzled that a PIN is not needed, but they don't really care. (And in many cases they won't ask for your signature as they're not familiar with that process at all.)

I see your location is in the USA. US-issued chip cards often have signature priority even if they support a PIN, so you may not be asked to enter the PIN even with a chip card that supports it.

Of course this is a security problem, in that anyone can use your card if it's lost or stolen, as transactions will be approved without any PIN. You are at the mercy of your issuing bank's fraud detection algorithms. On the flip side, a thief will not know or assume that your card does not have a PIN. :-) Anyway, if you have any way to obtain a PIN-priority chip card, get it.

I suppose a chip card with PIN might be required in the context of an unattended credit card reader but that's not something I ran into in India, although it is common in other countries.
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I have usually encountered PoS machines where both types of cards are accepted.

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