1 month budget help...
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1 month budget help...

hey! I know there are LOADS of budget threads on here but I am looking for help with mine....

I will be in India for one month in June. I am hoping to bring £1500 with me, I am MORE than happy eating street/stall food, taking 2nd class trains and sleeping in budget hotels. The only thing I am not sure about is travel, cos I am gonna try and squeeze in as much as I can in the month I have....delhi, agra, kolkatta, hyderabad, chenni, goa, mumbai...i know its ALOT of travel but I'd be happy to get a flight or two to make it quicker.

i will be getting paid from my job while I'm out there so I will have money in my UK account that I guess I can access through ATM's, but I really have NO idea what to take.

I travelled Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Bali last year and spent £2000 in ten weeks so guessing i will spent alot less in 4 weeks...

too confusing! :)

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50 pounds a day should be more than sufficient. Food and boarding usually can be done in around 15 pounds a day, add 10 pounds for an overnight train journey, and around 50 pounds for an airline flight on the days you choose to use it. This is just a rough guide.
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as you want to cover quite some towns in north and south within 1 month, you should make up your itinerary and then book the domestic flights as soon as possible. Normally with Kingfisher or Jet Airways you can fly pretty cheap, if you book in time.

If you book all train-tickets and plane-tickets upfront and pay for them already, you can easily live with approx. 20€/day.

I would take maximum 200 in cash and draw the rest as needed on ATMs.

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