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    Land that shakes and bakes.
    About Me
    3 areas of focus: India, India, India.

    First trip out to India 1976, last 2014. Favorites: Udaipur, Pune, and since no one else loves it, Hyderabad. Focus of research: agrarian structure and agricultural development. Village level work: Maharashtra courtesy of Fulbright Foundation, AIIS. Can amuse and appall people in Hindi & Marathi and at one time in Urdu. Baffling in Bengali. Thinks of Gumperz, Van Olphen, V.G.Kaleji (my language teachers) as gods. Thinks of Urdu as the most beautiful language and is one of a few dozen people that even know of that tragically neglected script: Modi. Favorite cuisine: Punjabi and favorite people: Maharashtrans. Personal heroes: Harold Mann, Daniel Thorner, Wolf Ladejinsky. Always plotting to get back to India but was until recently desperately house poor and even worse so, UC tuition poor.
    Thinks that money drives us all and doesn’t take things too seriously as a result. Motto: If you live long enough every possible embarrassment will occur to you. Also known as: Things are never so bad they can’t get worse..
    India, stamps, books (older the better), or anything at all.
    I interact with dullards and geniuses..
    Favorite Quote
    Nothing is so bad it can't get worse..
    Guilty Pleasure
    White chocolate, indeed any kind of chocolate. I consider it the primary food item for a vegetarian diet.
    Favorite Movies
    The Third Man, High Noon
    Favorite Music
    Rimsky Korsakov
    Favorite Books
    Favorite Television Programs
    Nothing on the vast wasteland, network..


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