Trip to Meghalaya in June for 6 nights
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Trip to Meghalaya in June for 6 nights

Hello All!

I need a plan for a trip to meghalaya in june. We are a couple coming from delhi. We will take rajdhani on 12th june and reach guwahati. From there I don't know anything about meghalaya and also getting confused after reading beautiful threads on this forums about many places.

Points I would like to clear.
1. We have 6 nights for our trip excluding travel by train.
2. I want to see kazhiranga park if possible.
3. Want to do a bit of trekking in meghalaya but where I can't decide.
4. Can we get pure veg food in meghalaya?

Please suggest. We don't have very high end budget. And want to go to places where it is safe and less crowded.

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For 6 nights you will have enough time to do the basic Meghalaya circuit. For that I can help you plan an itinerary. Anyway I guess Kaziranga will be closed by June. So stick to Meghalaya. Infact in the end you will realize that 6 nights will still be less. Anyway its a good start.

Yes you will get veg food in Meghalaya, esp Shillong & Sohra. Other places you will have to settle with rice, aloo bhujjia & fried veggies.

Anyway, give me a tentative budget for your trip so that we can figure something out.


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Thank you so much for reply karikor. As far as budget is concerned, we are willing to spent max to max 40k for both of us. We are going through your links right now only. Again much thanks.
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Also when kaziranga closes in June? And do we have to go back to shillong on daily basis after going to for example nongriat? I think mawlynnong, mawsynram, nongriat, sohra, mawthadraishan are interesting places to visit.
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40,000 for 6 days is pretty comfortable for 2 people. Can you give me the timings of arrival & departure from Guwahati?

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