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I'm not yet convinced about the David Scott Trail, Mawphlang and Thadlaskein ... the things on offer at these places are also available here at places near Mumbai.
The Sacred Grove system is at work here too; and so are the numerous trails that cross the Sahyadris.

Also added Smit and Laitlum to the list. Will try to cover them through Shillong.

-Kapil Pilankar
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Is this the same as the double decker bridge trek? Not much info available on the internet.[/QUOTE]

Well I did mention two treks. The first one is not your normal double decker trek where you start from Laitkynsew and end at Nongriat. This trek starts from Nohkalikai Falls, the tallest single drop fall in India and passes through Nongjri Village and Ends at the Double Decker.

The second one is a trek around the periphery of Shillong city that is surrounded by a Restricted Forest.

There is also a third trek that starts from Shillong and ends at the mouth of the Umiam river before it turns into the lake.

I don't think you will find much info on this anywhere.
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Well you would have to be a historian to appreciate the David Scot Trail and the Thadlaskein Lake. Anyway the Thadlaskein Lake is just 3km from the Junction that leads to Nartiang. And is on the main Shillong-Jowai Highway.

And as for Mawphlang Sacred Grove, you would have to be either a botanist or a social scientist to appreciate the machineries that help to sustain it.

Well since you are adding Smit and Laitlum, then you can as well add Urlong Organic tea garden. Its in the same area.
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Any further information about the Nohkalikai Falls to Double Decker Bridge trek?
Does it have an access point from Sohra? Route length? Time required?
I will also request this information from the organizations you mentioned earlier.

Also added the Urlong organic tea garden to the list.

Also: I'm not a historian, also neither a botanist nor a social scientist.
The treks around Shillong, the David Scott Trail and Mawphlang-LadMawphlang Trek cannot be apart of this itinerary. There are already 3 activities (double decker from Laitkynsew, horizontal caving and vertical caving) lined back-to-back. Adding the above mentioned activities to it will mean stressing ourselves needlessly (since similar experiences are available to us nearby).
sample link:
The experiences of caving, living root bridges, monoliths and rolling hills are what I think distinguish Meghalaya from any other destination and that's what I'm going to be there for.
I hope you appreciate my ideas and do not feel offended.

-Kapil Pilankar
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I'l get more information on the Nohkalikai Falls Nongjri trek. By the way I forgot to mention the carnivoros Pitcher Plants, Orchids, Kyllang Rock and the soon -to-be Fossils park which are located 45mins trek from Mawsynram that substantiates the theory that before the shifting of the tectonic plates, Meghalaya was under water, infact it was a sea bed. That is also why there are so many calcium deposit caves in the region.
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I soon -to-be Fossils park

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Yes fossils, as in indentations on a rock or mud of pre-historic life forms found millions of years ago. It is one of the remaining best kept secrets of Meghalaya. The Living Root bridges being discovered 5 yrs back and mawlynnong 10 yrs ago to the outside world. There are no such documentations of the same. I came to know about the place as my mom is an IAS officer who once was Commissioner & Secretary Tourism Department. There are still many hidden secrets that are yet to be explored. I should also mention Larnai village towards Nartiang. It is one of the few existing places in the world where the art of making pottery is still very much the same pre-historic kind as in the technique was used before the invention of the wheel. Hence the local potters make pottery with out the potter's wheel. One of the few places that still practices the craft is somewhere in Greece.

Anyway if you are interested here are some writings that you can check up on:



Karikor Kharkongor
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Whoa!!! ... enjoying it!!!
Is there some kind of infrastructure in place to see the sights (fossils) at Dirang/Ranikor? I mean do they allow tourists/lay men?
Same doubts for Larnai.

by the way Gregory's both contact numbers are not working. I've sent him a mail but seeing a few other topics on the forum the chance of a reply looks dim ... lets see
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Well I'm no Tour Operator, so you will have to find ways and means.

But here is something that may help you in that direction,


Karikor Kharkongor
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Just wanted to inform you that the chopper services from Guwahati to SHillong have been resumed.
For more information contact:

Meghalaya Helicopter Service MTC Bus Stand, Police Bazar Tel 0364-2223129
Sheba Travels Tel 0364-2227222
Tower Tours & Travels Tel 0364-2220075

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Originally posted by: karikor View Post

Well Out of the 10 days 2 days are minus for Flight from Mumbai to Guwahati and back. SO we are left with 8 days . SO now here are your options for 8 days

Cherra Local sightseeing - 5-6 hours
Double Decker Living root bridge in Nongriat - 4-5 hours
Horizontal Caving - 4-5 hours
Vertical Caving - 5-6 hours
Mawlynnong Asias cleanest village (including travel) - 8 hours or 1 day 1 night (if staying)
Scuba Diving and Zip Lining and Rock Climbing etc in Dawki - 1 day/1night camping (if staying) else 1 day
River rafting - 1 day
David Scott trail trekking + Mawphlang Sacred Forest- 5-6 hours
Nongkhnum River Island trek - 1 full day
Mawthadraishan peak trek - 1 day
Mawsynram + Jakrem Hot springs - 6 hours+
Shillong Local Sight seeing - 1 day
Smit & Laitlum - 4-5 hours
Thadlaskein + Nartiang + Jowai - 1 day/1 night
Places in Amlarem subdivision - 1 day
Umiam lake - 3-4 hours or 1 night (if staying)
Paragliding (if possible) - 1 day
By the way some of the longest caves in Asia are in Jaintia Hills district . Some upto 30 kms long

Other tidbits we can always accomodate later.

Now I have given you the options, you can clarify further from me before shortlisting anything. You can even google on some of the places.


Karikor Kharkongor

hi Karikor,
Going through your posts, I am really been interested to have a tour in Cherrapunji-shillong region.
We are a group of 8 young guys, from Kolkata really interested in trekking-caving-rafting. What is the best time to visit this region & how much days will it take. pl suggest the itinerary.tentative budget..?
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@ TarakM,

Best time to come is end of October beginning of November. A week is definitely a good start. As for budget, well that will depend on how you would like to spend your trip and the activities to do.


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Hi! ... time for an update on my trip status

Dates: 08/12/2012 to 16/12/2012
Mumbai-Guwahati return flight tickets taken
08/12-09/12 -- in and around Shillong
10/12-13/12 -- in and around Sohra
14/12 -- Mawlynnong/Dawki
15/12 -- Dawki
16/12 -- Shillong

Caving at Sohra managed by Meghalaya Adventure Tours (Gregory)
[the email id 'briandaly' as given on various websites does not belong to Gregory, the phone no is accurate though]

Watersports at Dawki managed by Pioneer Adventures (Gary)

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@ Kapilankar.

Thats a pretty good itirenary.Next step is accomodations, remember that you will have to book now, for months like December. And also transportation. I'm sure you will enjoy Gregory's Caving expeditions. Plus Brian Daly Kharpran is the president of Meghalaya Adventures Association and if I'm not wrong is infact Gregory's dad. Even Pioneer Adventures should be interesting. By the way, the other day I heard on the local fm channel that the Meghalaya Paragliding Association are starting paragliding here for normal people. If you are interested in this, give me a "Yes", and I'll try to find out more on this.


Karikor Kharkongor
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Accomodations at Sohra, Mawlynnong and Dawki have been done ... only Shillong remains
Gregory's current email id :

Where does the paragliding take place?
Is it on our current route or some other place?