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sourya1984 Jan 14th, 2018 22:13

Meghalaya Trip for 7 nights 8 days

Planning to visit Meghalaya on October. Will be boarding train on 19th Oct from Howrah and will return on 28th. Never visited the place so please help me with the tour plan. Just one request we will visit Kamakhha and Kazirangga. We want to visit Cherapunji too. We will be total 12 members so will try to book a traveler .
Please help me out with the tour plan

BIMAL PRADHAN Jan 14th, 2018 23:28

1-You may consider PABITORA in place of KAZIRANGA.

2- Kamakhya is always busy and takes 4-5 hours for darshan. Please plan accordingly. Early morning will save you a lot of time.

3-You should first read all the threads in Indiamake related to Meghalaya.

4- Please make a rough Itinerary as per your taste,interest, budget and team, then ask for suggestions.

Then people will chip in with more data.

karikor Jan 15th, 2018 09:12

You have plenty of time to plan out your trip. And many IMers here have spent hours together to prepare trip reports. Kindly go through them first to have an idea of what is in store. After that will be more than happy to try to answer your queries.

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