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karikor Apr 27th, 2014 09:56

Mawlyngbna Trip (April 2014)
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Here is my Trip Report for Mawlyngbna which me and my friends visited in April 2014. This trip was impromptu with no planning whatsoever. All we had was a number to call if in case help is needed. Anyway Mawlyngbna is located in the War region of the Khasi Hills, at about 700meters above sea level. It is located 15km after Mawsynram on the Mawsynram-Lawbah-Hatmawdon road. Infact it is located adjacent to Lawbah village. What was surprising was that the bigger road from Mawphlang well upto Weiloi, just before reaching Mawsynram was deplorable, considering that Mawsynram is an important place in the region. However, what caught our attention was the smaller but really good roads with super super never ending twisties from Mawsynram to Mawlyngbna. I would like to believe that the same same good roads also reach upto Hatmawdon, which is in the Bangladesh border. Infact there is a kutch road from Balat to Shella via Hatmawdon.

Anyway we started out trip at 10.30am. We knew that Mawsynram would be about 60km and then 15km to Mawlyngbna. We were hoping that we would reach by 12.30pm. However since I again took my Maruti-A-Star, it took longer time since we had to avoid all the potholes on the road.

The gorges at Mawsynram:

iamsomnath Apr 27th, 2014 10:14

Re: Mawlyngbna Trip (April 2014)
Another subscription and riding along to an unknown beauty. :)

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 17:43

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We reached the Travellers Nest at Mawlyngbna exactly at 1pm. Since we were on the road for 2.5 hours, we requested the caretaker who was also the local guide to allow use to use the rooms to freshen up while lunch was being cooked.

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 17:47

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The Travellers Nest Cottages

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 17:50

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After freshening up, we went up to the common dining area and had our lunch. The meal was very simple with chicken curry, dal, fresh greens and sauted vegetables. However it was very tasty after a long journey.

Duronto Jajabar Apr 27th, 2014 17:53

That's why I said - I want to be in each corner of my Country. There are so many cute destinations escaping all big banners (read advertisements)!!!! How could I reach there :(

No way. Let me travel with you now :)

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 18:10

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After the hearty meal, we asked Bahnah, the caretaker to take us around. My first interest were the fossils. So we headed out to the fossils. I came to know that we had to trek for about 40 mins and in between we would see the Ksaid Umdingkain waterfalls. Also after the Fossils, we could walk another 20 mins to reach a famous place according to Khasi Folktales, called the Iew Luri Lura. The Iew Luri Lura was a market back in the days when Man and beast could communicate with one another. In the Iew Luri Lura site, pug marks of different wild animals can still be seen. I asked him about the cave, however he informed that Krem Pomskei was not accessible due to rains the previous few days.

So we started the trek after parking the A-Star in a safe place. The first attraction we came across was the Pitcher Plant, a.k.a Nepenthes Khasiana growing wildly everywhere. Well Bahnah, adviced us to taste the juice inside the Pitcher Plant, and well surprisingly, it was a total throat quencher.

kol2012 Apr 27th, 2014 18:17

Excellent going with the trip report.....and snaps Wow!!!:ThumbsUp[praiseyou

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 18:17

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After quenching our thirst our nest stop was the Ksaid Umdingkai Falls. We spent about 10 minutes in this falls. Had we reached earlier, we would have taken a dip in the waterfalls.

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 18:26

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We then proceeded ahead towards the Fossils. What brought a smile to all of us were the cute little steps which were chiseled out from the rock. They looked so natural and pleasing to the eyes. We told Bahnah never to allow anyone to make Cement Concrete steps. Bahnah told me that these cute little steps were there since time immemorial.

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 18:36

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Climbing up the stairs we came to a place which was so flat. The biggest piece of flat land that I had come across in the Khasi Hills. Infact it resembled like one of those places in Africa where would find lions and giraffes, the ones you see in National Geographic. Another thing I noticed was that the ground was all sandy and the grass that grew were all thick and prickly. What came across my mind was that this could be the sea bed some few million years back.

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 18:45

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After crossing the grasslands, up on the small mounds of rocks, were the Sea-Urchin fossils captured in the rocks. Some were still locked inside the rocks. As the rocks break, more of the fossils appear.

Duronto Jajabar Apr 27th, 2014 18:48


Originally Posted by karikor (Post 1738331)
... were the Sea-Urchin fossils captured in the rocks....

Great !!!!

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 18:52

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It was 3.30 by the time we realised that we were getting late. We then had to decide, do we move ahead to the Iew Luri Lura or do we go rafting. Well since I was the only one who wanted to move ahead, we had to head back.

The vast expanse again:

karikor Apr 27th, 2014 18:56

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The steps again

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