Help needed for 11 day Meghalaya-Kaziranga Trip

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We are a couple in our mid-thirties planning for 11 day trip to Meghalaya and Kaziranga from April27th to May 7th. Below is our planned itinerary. Our flights are booked and accommodation is yet to be booked.

Can you please check if this sounds good or any modifications needed ? We don't want to rush through the places. Our interests are photography, hiking and exploring village areas.

Day0: Guwahati to Shillong and Shillong sightseeing. Halt at Shillong.
Day1: Shillong sightseeing and head to Mawphlang, Halt@Maple Pine.
Day2: Head to Mawlyngbna and back, halt at Mawphlang @Maple Pine.
Day3: Head to Mawphanlur and halt at Mawphlang@Maple Pine.
Day4: Visit Sacred Forest and start David Scott trek, exit at Lad Mawphlang and head to Sohra. Stay in Sohra.
Day5: Sohra sight seeing, Stay in sohra
Day6: Double Decker Trek, head to dawki/Shnongpdeng. Stay@Dawki
Day7: Dawki Local Sightseeing/Riwai/Mawlynnong. Stay@Dawki
Day8: Checkout and head to Kaziranga via Amlarem. Stay Kaziranga.
Day9: Kaziranga full day, stay@Kaziranga
Day10: Head to Guwahati.

Few questions:
Day4: Can we do any sightseeing on route from Lad Mawphlang to Sohra ?
Day7: Dawki Adventure Activities/Riwai/Mawlynnong visit - Can these be done in single day ?
Day8: What's typical time for reaching Kaziranga from Dawki and any sightseeing can be done on this route ?

Also we have not booked any cars yet and would be interested to do bullet drive for couple of days. Which ones would be good for bullet-drive, which we can navigate on our own without need of guide ?

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Any reason to make mawphlang your base for trips to Mawlyngbna and Mawphanlur. can be done, but according to me, better to spend some time at leisure on either locations.

I would suggest staying at shnongpdent instead of Dawki, just 10 km (30-40 min drive) apart. there is enough water activities to be done for a 3-4 hour stretch, you can check with Chanmiki for a earlier start if possible. Also check if activities would be possible in first week of May, due to onset of monsoons.

Since you are into hiking, you can consider doing the Nongriat-Rainbow-Nohkalikai trek instead of the double decker up and down trek. Its a strenuous trek, and recommended by quite a few readers here.

Karikor would be able to guide you on all other things, plus would be able to clarify on the treks/ dawki.

My opinion on Mawlynnong: not worth the extra 1 hour or so drive, especially if you are doing the double decker trek. It would have been a novelty 15 years back, but today all villages in Meghalaya are similarly clean. It looked more like a marketing fair to me than a village when i visited 15 days back. spent 30 minutes and left for Shnongpdeng. But then, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder..
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Also Akshatha, check on the dates for Kaziranga. It is closing on 30-Apr. So you might have to take it at the start of your travel plan.
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Thanks for your replies. I have modified my itinerary to cover Kaziranga first and later head to Shillong/Sohra since I didnt want to risk closing of kaziranga park. I tried reaching them but not able to get through. Also I heard from James that 1 of the night in Maple Pine is not available for my dates and hence I added a night in Mawlyngbna.

Below is my new itinerary -

Day0 (April 27th): Guwahati to Kaziranga. Halt at Kaziranga
Day1: Kaziranga Morning and Evening Safari, Halt at Kaziranga
Day2: Kaziranga to Mawphlang (some sightseeing in shillong route). Stay at Mawphlang@Maple Farm.
Day3: Mawphanlur and back. Halt at Mawphlang@Maple Farm.
Day4: Head to Mawlyngbna, halt at Mawlyngbna@Travellers Nest
Day5: Sacred Forest and David Scott trek, exit at Sohra. Stay in Sohra.
Day6: Sohra sight seeing, Stay in sohra
Day7: Double Decker Trek, head to dawki/Shnongpdeng. Stay.
Day8: Dawki Local Sightseeing/Riwai/Mawlynnong. Stay.
Day9: Checkout to Shillong. Shillong sightseeing.
Day10: Head to Guwahati.

About Nongriat-Rainbow-Nohkalikai trek : How many hours does this trek require ? What is the entry and exit point for these treks ?

Thanks Again

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