Where to start with a marriage visa

#1 Mar 11th, 2011, 22:06
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I recently got married in India to my Indian partner. I am currently here on a tourist visa but need to change this ... and to be honest, I have no idea how or where to start.
Am I right in thinking I need to get a Entry X Visa and that I am better doing this from the UK where I am from. But I see that this would not allow me to work.

I am planning on starting a business with my partner in India but from what I can work out an Entry X visa would not allow me to do this.

Please tell me what is the best visa to get which would allow me to start a business in India and stay here as long as possible.

Or is it just a matter of getting a PIO card - which I think would allow me to invest in India (does this mean in business)

I would be so grateful to receive any advice as I'm feeling a bit confused and at a loss where to start.

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You can stay long term in India with an X visa but, as you've noted, you won't be able to work etc until you get PIO -- typically you can apply after one year of marriage. It may take quite a while to process if done in India, so returning to your home country would probably speed up the process.

A Business visa would permit working, but would be rather tough to get for a new enterprise.

Do some searches on the site and you'll find many cases of foreigners in your situation.
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Hi Curtdfw

Thanks so much for that. Really appreciate your response.
I did read quite a bit before but the more you read the more confusing it gets.
And I am trying to just keep it as simple as I can.

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Well its better to go back to your country.and try to get visa from there by submitting your marriage certificate.After that you can upgrade your visa in 6 month to 1 year.its a routine process.
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Well its better to go back to your country
The application tends to be simpler, even over-the-counter. Nothing black and white, though: some people have a hard time in their native place, some find it easy in India.

My experience was that I spent a long time getting nowhere in India, but it took ten minutes in London.

(Nothing takes minutes in London any longer: due to outsourcing, days is the best you can expect --- but days is a heap better than months!)

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