UK Visa, Indian passport queries..urgent

#1 Mar 11th, 2011, 17:46
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UK Visa, Indian passport queries..urgent
hi all,

I have got a question regarding UK Tier1 dependent visa.

My fiance has got work permit for the UK in october 2010. he is in UK now. And we are getting married in june2011. I hold an indian passport

Now I need to apply for a dependent visa.

So what do I have to do for that? do I need to get my passport changed (from miss to mrs)? and then apply for the dependent visa with a photovcopy of my huisband work permit as proof?? or can I straight away apply for dependent visa without getting the passport changed??

please advice on this matter.
It is very urgent..

Appreciate your any response on this
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Originally Posted by nisha goel View Post I have got a question regarding UK Tier1 dependent visa.
You are in the wrong forum! May be some of our members from UK can answer your question. Btw, Google should have been your first option.
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May be some of our members from UK can answer your question.
But... we never have to deal with our own visa laws!

Accordingly, being British, I don't have a clue about settlement visas for UK, although I know about my non-British wife having received a couple of non-settlement (for tourism) visas.

Accordingly, I'll stick my neck out, and have a go...

1. The British Border Agency website is really good and really detailed, and as easy to read as a government immigration site can be. You have to be prepared to spend time searching and browsing it to get the best out of it, though, just because there is such a lot of information there*.

2. This is purely my guess... They won't care about whether your passport says Mrs or Miss, or whether it has your maiden name or your married name so long as it agrees with whatever is on your marriage certificate and/or any documentation you use to prove your marriage. They will care that you do provide evidence of the marriage. On top of that, they care about the usual immigration stuff: that you can support yourself or will be supported, that you have somewhere to live, and that you will leave if and when your visa expires.

3. As prince says, try a different forum. There are specialist immigration forums and sites dealing with USA, Europe, UK etc. Remember though, the UK Border Agency site is the official one.

4. If you are really lucky, an Indian member who has experience of your situation might post a better answer --- but sorry, this is not the forum to join for UK immigration advice. It just isn't.

*Actually, if you are planning to emigrate to UK, you should spend not hours, but days and days getting to know that site

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