Spouse visa OR visiting visa (Germany)
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Spouse visa OR visiting visa (Germany)

Hello Friends

Please help !!!

I am working in Germany and i have applied for BLUE CARD already, i will be getting married in INDIA after 2 months.

Due to some family issues, i want to Get her to Germany along with me after the marriage,

The question is . May i apply her a visiting VISA to germany after my marriage, and after reaching germany can i convert it to Dependent VISA??

is it possible???,, or can someone suggest an easyway to get my wife along with me to germany.


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Get in touch with the local office for (terrestrial;)) aliens (Ausländerbehörde). You must have applied for your blue-card there. If you can convince them that this is a genuine family emergency you might be able to short-cut the normal procedure for family reunions. Contrary to popular belief officials in Germany have substantial powers of discretion.
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The focus of this site is India, therefore most of the available information is about Indian visa and immigration matters. On the other hand, we have lots of members of lots of nationalities who have lived in lots of places and faced lots of situations. If you are lucky, you might get some help.

1. Nonetheless, I'd advise you to study the German official information and help available online

2. Seek immigration sites and advice sources that specialise in Germany/Europe.

and, on this site and those, please give the important information. What nationality are you? What nationality is she? Can we assume you are both Indian citizens? Do not leave these things for assumption! You must be explicit in describing your situation, if you want others to help you.

(Obviously, without giving out confidential information)

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