Proof of Indian nationality of husband's parents for PIO
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Proof of Indian nationality of husband's parents for PIO

I just read the thread of the Malaysian guy who was refused PIO because one of his grandparents was from Sri Lanka. I was wondering myself while I was fillling in my application form what kind of proof is needed that parents and grandparents of my husband where both Indian. I think in the form they want date of birth and passport number. Nobody in this family ever had a passport and I think neither a birth certificate. Will I be in trouble or is this something which is normally ignored if you can suppose that the origin of the family was Indian?

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Post a link to the form.
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It is the print out of the mha webside. No time to send the link now. I will send it tomorrow!
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I studied the form again. Under point 14 it says that date of birth, place of residence, nationality, passport number of father/ mother/ grandfather/grandmother may be given by spouse of Indian citizen which could mean that it is not a "must". The link is
Seems that you have to copy it as it does not appear as proper link!
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Okay now it is a proper link. I think they have the same form on the MHA webside.
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My local FRO officer advised me just to ignore the may be given and fill the box just with "spouse of Indian citizen"- it is checked that husband is Indian better do not make it too complicated and get the family checked also.
There is not much I could have given as proof except of ration card and maybe voter list (but it is always difficult to get hold of them!).

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