PIO application through Travisa - No PO Box?

#1 Feb 7th, 2011, 23:11
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At long last, my husband and I have hit the 1 year mark. PIO time!

Some background info - he's indian [greencard holder], I'm a USC. We're currently living in the US with the intent of returning to India in a few years time. I'm a current 10 year Tourist visa holder.

So last night I started to fill out the papers. All was going well until we hit the residency part [#7 on the Travisa forms - Travisa being the outsourcing company handling visas, pio, oci for India in the US].

This is what concerns me:

7. Proof of Address
Applicant must submit a photocopy with proof of residence/address that matches the present address on the PIO application exactly. Photocopy of state issues ID (Driver License or ID), or major utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage) must be submitted. If you don't bring a copy, we will make a photocopy for you for $2.00.

The following items are not accepted: cell phone bill, credit card statement, bank statement or lease. The address cannot include a P.O. box.

See what I bolded? Yeah - this is freaking me out. Let me explain. I live in a town of about 600 people where the postal service does NOT deliver to physical addresses. We have a PO Box. It's the only way we can get mail. Now, knowing there could be all sorts of weirdness about establishing our "physical address" we made sure all accounts show the physical address as the second line of our address info but all accounts include a PO box.

My question is whether or not anyone has successfully applied for a PIO with a PO Box referenced somewhere on their paperwork. I get that having a PO Box is can be seen as dubious...anyone can walk into any post office and rent one. Tada, residency established - however in our case it was the only option. Plus, we always reference the physical address too. It's that "included" term that is causing me fits.

Oh, and the great state of Virginia decided to issue my DL with ONLY the PO Box. So getting a copy of that is completely worthless.
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Update - PIO Received

Just an FYI update.

I sent into Travisa a letter from our local Postmaster explaining the situation at the recommendation of Travisa. The customer service person at Travisa was confused at the situation ["Maam, what you mean is that you get no mail? How can that be?"] but after a few minutes she understood my situation.

My residency proof included:
Water Bill [it had a service address [aka physical address] with the PO Box]
Electric Bill [also a service address and PO Box]
Voter ID card [the only proof of address that did not include a PO Box]
Letter from Postmaster on USPS letterhead

The only other snag that I hit was the pre-paid fedex envelop. We don't have a fedex store anywhere near by and I sent an airbill referencing my credit card info. This was not acceptable by Travisa. I had to set up a fedex account and forward that info to Travisa in order to get back the PIO and passport.

The total time [with the fedex snag] was about 2 weeks - this was the Washington DC embassy and Travisa office. Had I had the fedex account number from the get-go, I think total turnaround time would have been about 1 week.
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Congrats! Your two-week turnaround is about half what I got from the Houston Consulate in 2008, so it's still good.
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wow bethey, that's amazing! Congrats

A friend of mine who applied 4 wks ago is still waiting on her PIO. She's not worried yet because Travisa site says 15 days processing for both OCI and PIO before the CGI does its thing, listing 6 wks for the former and 4 wks for the latter making it a total of 6 wks for PIO and 8 for OCI. So it's really encouraging that yours came in so quickly.

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