NRI planning to marry a Malaysian citizen

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I am a divorcee NRI living in Spain with a (long term work permit) residence permit; I am in love with a girl who is a Malaysian citizen and we are planning to get married by October 2018.

My ex-wife is an Indian citizen and i have her name as spouse in my passport and I never bothered to change/remove her name in my passport since I wasn’t planning to remarry. But my luck has changed since I have met my amazing fiancee now.

My fiancee is single and her parents are not alive right now. We are getting married with the blessings of my parents at Chennai, Tamil Nadu India.

Post our marriage we want to start our life at Spain and we may move back to India or Malaysia few years later once my assignment gets over here in Spain.

So below are my questions,
1. What are the documents I have to submit as a divorced Indian citizen for registering marriage?
2. What are the documents my fiancee have to submit as a single Malaysian Citizen for registering marriage?
3. What is the process to register our marriage at Chennai, India?
4. Do I need to register our marriage with Malaysian government? If yes, what is the process?
5. I need to update my passport with my fiancee as my spouse, what will be the process to do the same?
6. If change of passport is done for the above point, what will happen to my existing work permit that i have for Spain and do I need to update my residence permit card with my spouse name on it?
7. Does my fiancee need visa to live in India after getting married to me? Right now she travels to India in tourist visa with 3 months validity.
8. What will be the time frame to do all these processes?

I sincerely thank everyone for spending time on reading my query and answering it! Thank you
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Numbero Uno senor: Go find out how to get married in Spain. Then go to India and have a religious ceremony.

There is also a very detail thread Anuj Sehgal on getting married in EU

Post our marriage we want to start our life at Spain and we may move back to India or Malaysia few years later once my assignment gets over here in Spain
You have few years to plan this. At that time, you can decide the requirements of each government. Two years after getting married, your spouse can get an OCI in Spain. That will remove any impediment to living and working in India.

For living in Malaysia: Ask your spouse-to-be to gather the details on your getting an appropriate visa.

Your marriage certificate in EU will be recognized in India.

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