Marrying a Indian-Portuguese citizen. Need help on dependant visa

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Hi All,

My fiance is an Indian residing in Mumbai, India just like me but he is collecting his Portuguese Passport from Portugal next week

We are looking to get civilly married in June this year and looking to move to Europe depending on where he gets a job by July.

I wanted to understand :

1. Is it possible for me to move with him? If yes, what visa should I apply for?
2. Can I apply for a portuguese dependant visa and leave with him for Europe? If yes, How do I go about it?
3. If not, is it country dependant? E.g. if he gets a job in Netherlands, do I need to apply for a Dutch dependant visa?
4. Has anyone done this before?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Once you are married an he is a Portugese citizen, you can come with him to Europe. If you go with him to Portugal, you need to check with the Portugese Embassy in India about the procedure and if they have a language test, for example. It falls under Portugese law and it will be a family reunion visa.

If he gets a job in another European country, you can come with him and you will fall under the law of free movement. Because as a European Citizen, he will be allowed to live whereever he wants (but finances/job will come into question, I think after three months) and you as the spouse fall under the same law. It might be easier to follow this route, because the embassies have to make a quick decision and a valid passport and valid marriage certificate are the only requirements. Besides, it is the same law, different countries might handle it a bit differently. Please check with the embassies. (For example, Great Britain, being EU but not Schengen, makes it pretty complicated.)

Having a job first (your spouse) in an EU country is definitely more than helpful. Portugal should be possible without a job as he is Portugese but check with the embassy if this is the case.

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