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i'm from Germany and my boyfriend is from Srinagar. We want to marry in Kashmir, because marriage in Germany isn't possible for us for different reasons. He is muslim and i have no religion (i left in an official way evangelical-lutheran church 3 years ago).

My boyfriend say, that they have their own laws in Kashmir and that they are different from whole India. He think that there is no Special Marriage Act in Kashmir.

But in the Special Marriage Act 1954 is written:

It extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir, and applies also to citizens of India domiciled in the territories to which the Act extends who are in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Does it mean that we have to marry in this Act or not? If we have to: can he apply alone in the court for the marriage? It isn't possible for me to stay for more then 2 weeks in India and i know that atleast one of us has to stay in the district for 30 days till we get the appointment for the marriage.

My boyfriend was talking to a friend today about the marriage (he is a lawyer). He said that there is no way for us to marry in Kashmir in the court because i'm divorced. I seriously can't believe that this is true. Does anybody know something about this? This Friend said that the easiest way would be if i would convert to muslim. So we can marry in the religious way in the mosque. Is this certificate what we will get enough for the german embassy? Will it create problems for the family reunion? Or must we registrate the mosque-certificate in the high court then?

I told my boyfriend that the best idea is when he go to the high court in Srinagar and ask personal the officer who will do the marriage but stubborn as guys are he only believe what his friend is telling him.

I just want to find an "easy" way to marry him. I knw abt the NOC, A1-test and the lawyer which the embassy will send to his home when we apply for the family reunion. Just help me with my questions above. Thank you!

I know that my english is not so good but i hope you guys understand what i mean.
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I dont know much about marriage in Srinagar but I know there are still a lot more "rules" and behaviours up there. Maybe this article is helping you to understand -
Even though protracted attitudes about women opting for remarriage after walking out of an abusive marriage are changing, but it still continues to be an anathema for many in Kashmir - See more at: http://www.dailykashmirimages.com/ne....gjjBf7ak.dpuf

Did you already inform yourself about the islamic laws and rules for marriage and generally daily life?
And have you been in Srinagar to meet his family because without their blessings no marriage will ever happen (just my opinion).
Wish you good luck
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I'm sorry, I don't have happy information for you. I think you are right that if only one of the parties is Muslim, it is difficult or impossible to get married officially in J&K. A Ladakhi Muslim friend of mine married a Hindu from UP, and initially they only had a traditional local Islamic wedding, with no papers. Years later, when they needed the paper for some particular purpose, they ended up having to get a court marriage in Delhi, probably Special marriage Act.

However, a Buddhist Ladakhi friend of mine married a European in J&K with only a short visit that time. The Ladakhi talked to a lawyer in Leh first, the European sent all the required papers from Europe ahead of time, the Ladakhi registered intent to marry, the European arrived, they went to the court a few days later, and a few of us friends acted as witnesses. Though 3 or 4 weeks notice was required, the Ladakhi partner was able to file the notice of intent while the European partner was not yet here.
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